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1Weather APK MOD is the most popular weather app in the world. With a very high rating in the market, it is now the best weather app. Also, 1Weather APK MOD has reached 50 million downloads and nearly 80 thousand reviews on CH Play. This is enough to see the attractiveness and influence of this application in the world. Please join us in this article to find out the reason why 1Weather APK MOD so successful!

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Why do people like 1Weather?

The answer is its great Design. 1Weather has a simple but intuitive interface, making getting weather information faster and more enjoyable. This interface is a combination of many different powerful weather tools, making it the top app in the market. Moreover, we can easily see that most of the weather apps today have a very difficult interface. It makes users hard to access and get used to.

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Full weather conditions

Opening this application is not like opening a new launcher. Users actually have up to 8 screens. You will have to flip through them like surfing on the home screen. Each page shows different types of information: the first page is a summary of the current day’s weather; the second page is a summary of the next 7-day weather forecast; 3rd page displays all the serious weather warnings that may occur in user areas; the fourth page is a rainfall forecast for the next 7 days; page 5 is the current region’s radar (for US users only); page 6 focuses on information about the time the sun sets and rises, along with the phases of the moon; in page 7, it shows the weather-related tweets of your area; finally, page 8 is a gallery of weather photos.

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Good display

Most of the above pages have small and clever images, which display well all the information. Besides, the background is a nice picture of the boards, but the user can still change it by choosing a different background style. At the top right of the screen, there is a small tab, allowing users to change the location you want to track information. If you have friends, family members or colleagues in other areas, you can view the weather forecast you want.

This application gives users widget size 2×2. It looks very beautiful and intuitive when placed on the home screen. This widget displays the date, location, ability to rain as well as high and low temperatures. Besides, there is a corresponding weather icon in the center of the widget. There are a few basic settings that a user may want to use, including weather units, refresh interval, structure and the option to receive notifications in the status bar for weather and temperature alerts.

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The key features of 1Weather

• Weather information and forecast in real-time for almost all locations worldwide.

• Forecast of weather and rainfall information for the next 7 days.

• Forecast and rainfall hourly information.

• Weather conditions based on background, animated images…

• Follow my location: Update weather information during your travel.

• Live radar and extreme weather warnings (available in the US only) with layers.

• Adding the feature Enhanced Cloud Layer for international areas on the radar screen.

• Animations of sunrise, sunset and moon phases (phones only).

• Save different locations for quick and easy access.

• Great widgets (5 on phones, 6 on tablets). Users can add to the home screen, including 2 clock widgets.

• Share weather information (including screenshots and alerts) with friends and family members via email, messages, Twitter, Facebook, Google +…

• Customize the app with lots of weather background themes or use your own custom photo.

• Customizing Ongoing notifications showing current weather conditions in the area you want to see.

• DaskClock integration allows users to choose the location they want.

• The Server pushes notifications for supported NWS locations with configurable notification options based on location and alert level.

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1Weather is a perfect weather application. It is not only a simple viewer but also an accurate forecast center, which will help you the most in planning daily activities without worrying about the weather. It is not simply that 1Weather ranks on the Top 1 list of the most popular applications in 2019 and early 2020. Besides, we would like to provide you with the mod version of the app named 1Weather APK MOD (Pro). It will unlock more advanced features than the original version. Readers can download the app at the link below.

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