Adorable Home APK MOD (Unlimited Heart) v1.15.2

Full NameAdorable Home
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Heart
Latest Version1.15.2
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Adorable Home APK MOD (Unlimited Heart)  is an extremely cute life simulation game from HyperBeard. This is a popular developer of the adorable kitten game KleptoCats 2! It has just been launched but has received many positive reviews from players. Moreover, it has more than 50 thousand downloads from Google Play as a super cute simulation game. Return to Adorable Home APK MOD, this is an interesting mobile simulation game, in which players will build their home with a couple, interior and exterior, and many things. Please join us to check it out right now!

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The gameplay of Adorable Home APK MOD

In Adorable Home, gamers and their partner have just moved into a new suburb house with a lovely cat named Snow. The first thing you have to do is to clean up the house and start decorating it.

When you start playing Adorable Home, you can choose your favorite character and lover. The two had just moved into a new home with the white cat named Snow. You can decorate the living room of the house in many different styles. The house is cozy with a brown interior, luxurious with a black and white interior or fresh with a blue interior… Also, gamers can mix arbitrary furniture types, as long as they see it nice. Besides, taking care of the cat will be your top priority. Before going out, you should pay attention to feed and bathe the cat regularly to receive love points.

When you have 3,000 hearts, you can unlock the garden. Gamers can decorate the garden with chairs, seesaw, vases, waterfalls, statues… Your cat can invite more dogs, cats, swans to play in the garden or even in your home. Besides, Adorable Home has weather modes, including sunny, rainy, snowy, cloudy and very cloudy. The weather will be selected randomly, and you can get your heart from it.

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Bathing for the cat

Whether on iOS or Android, Adorable Home is still quite difficult for players to bathe for cats. Many people who play the game feel very interesting, comfortable when they take care of the cat because they do not know how to do that. The instructions for bathing the cats below will help you reduce the daily burden. Moreover, you will see some operations, as below:

Tilting the phone for the water to flow to the green section: Gamers can tilt the phone slightly to make sure the temperature of the bathwater for cats good enough. So, the cat will not puff. After the water moves to the green area, you can quickly move the water to the cat’s position.

Continuous press on the green position: We continuously press the water position in the green space to ensure the water temperature. At this point, you should keep the faucet in a fixed position, and the cat will go back and forth. This is a very unique cat bath tips that not many people know when bathing the cat in Adorable Home.

The above two ways to bathe the cat will certainly be very effective for beginners of Adorable Home. We hope you will quickly get used to caring for the cute cat in Adorable Home.

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How to play Adorable Home effectively

For any game, players need to have some tricks to become a good player. In Adorable Home, the more hearts we have, the more things we can buy. So you should take care of your cat to have more money to decorate your house. Here are some good tips for playing the game Adorable Home effectively:

Taking care of as many cats as possible

First, you should try to adopt lots of cats to take care of. The more cat you take care of, the more hearts you will get. After that, you can use the heart (as a currency of the game) to buy things to decorate the house.

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Feed the cat with fish

There is quite a lot of cat food in the game, but you should take them the fish to get the most hearts. You can choose to change goldfish or bluefish.

Prepare a quality meal for your partner

Companion in the game not only helps you get a person to talk and take care of cats but they also go to work to bring money back. Therefore, you should prepare quality and beautiful meals for them to receive a lot of hearts.

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Receive news from the weather

The work seems to be unrelated, but more or less helps you get a number of hearts daily. It does not matter how the weather is, you will have a heart.

Watch the ad to double the bonus

For each mission, we will receive a certain number of hearts after completing it. If you see more ads on that task, you get double the bonus.

Click the word Love to see ads on TV

If you run out of money, you can go back to the main house and continue watching ads on TV to receive your heart.

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See daily ads

Every day, you will have 10 fixed video ads to watch, each of which is worth 50 hearts so it is possible to earn 500 hearts per day.

Buy a sofa and a table to attract other animals to visit

When guests come to your house, you will also receive some hearts from them. However, each type of furniture will attract a different type of animal. It will also receive a corresponding number of hearts.


Overall, Adorable Home is a pretty cute game for cat lovers. Open the game every few hours to discover new things, collect love and continue decorating your home. However, Adorable Home may contain some content not suitable for children under 13 years old. In this article, we bring players the modified version of the game named Adorable Home APK MOD. In which, you will have a lot of hearts right from the beginning of the game, so you can freely shop and decorate your home. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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