Ahoy Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins) v1.0.02

Full NameAhoy Island - Casual RPG
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Coins
Latest Version1.0.02
RequireAndroid 7.0+
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Ahoy Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins) is an RPG role-playing game. The game has just been released by NEOWIZ – a Korean game maker on February 19. It has an entertaining gameplay and an extremely funny upgrade system. Coming to Ahoy Island, players will meet a lot of cute and unique heroes, walking on a pirate ship and fighting with many different bosses. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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The gameplay

Ahoy Island is a role-playing game genre with quite simple gameplay. Specifically, you do not need to need elaborate manipulations to control the character. Instead, your only job is to choose a hero for each battle, upgrade them and go to fight. In each level, gamers will be able to choose any 5 heroes to fight with the enemy. Each hero’s strength is calculated according to their number of stars. After each battle, players will receive a certain amount of money, use it to unlock heroes, and upgrade them to add more equipment.

Besides, your enemies are monsters along with a giant Boss. You can rest assured that your hero will do everything during the fight. Also, you only need to watch to see where your hero is weak or strong. When your character is full of mana bar (green), they will use the skill. At this point, the screen will vibrate to create a very nice effect. To use many great moves in a match, you can upgrade your character with mana regeneration equipment or increase attack speed.

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Upgraded system

To upgrade the character, players can select “home page” and select the “Inventory” section. Next is to choose the character you have, level them up by choosing to “level up”. Also, you can use the money to upgrade, stars, diamonds, or gems to upgrade depending on the hero. After leveling up, you will

see the hero stats changed, namely: Level, Attack, Heath, Defense, ATK Speed, Skill, Attack Range, Critical (%), Speed, Evasion, Knockback, K.B Resistance.

In addition to the Inventory section, under the tool panel are the items: Unmerge – merge champions, equipment them together to form stronger heroes and equipment. Merger – this is the item for you to craft magic. Guidebook – a guidebook to play, build a map for your hero.

After upgrading the hero, please pay attention to the “Airship” item. Because this is a game about pirates, beautiful, unique, and strange ships will make your style majestic as well. There are tons of upgrades to make your ship more modern and epic.

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Join the event and receive gifts

After each level, you will receive a chest, 1 gem, 1 diamond or other gifts depending on the difficulty. Specifically, the chest will give you many valuable rewards, such as costumes, weapons, magic, generals… Besides, you can also collect chests, gifts by participating in Ahoy Island’s daily events. At this point, you choose to go to “login Event” and select the events for you. Besides, the easiest way to get the gift is to log in to the game every day and see them in the “Open Event” section.

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Large map

In general, the map of Ahoy Island is not as large as other role-playing games. However, it is still enough for you to take hours to go through a level. On average, each level will include 6 locations, including Campaign, Guild Arantis, Arena, Exploration, Tower, Daily Dungeon. In each of those locations are smaller battles. You will take quite a while to conquer all the maps of Ahoy Island. But the story does not stop there. Instead, there are places you need to open with gold, diamonds or gems so please spend reasonably.

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The graphics and sound

Ahoy Island is designed on a 3D graphics background with an extremely fun Chibi character system. Also, the game combines a lot of colors, a nice home page with extremely bright colors combined with a fun visual system. Ahoy Island will give you an extremely comfortable gaming experience.

Along with the great design, there is an endless soundtrack from Ahoy Island. Music is cheerful but very soothing, which will help you feel relaxed, relieved after stressful working hours.

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The MOD feature

Unlimited Money / Diamond: At this point, you can use an unlimited budget to buy or upgrade in-game items, unlock the character you like, buy the most expensive equipment, upgrade ships, and open a vast map.

To download and install Ahoy Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money / Diamrond), please visit the link below. Do not leave comments or share them if you found this article helpful. Thanks and have fun!

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