Alto’s Odyssey APK (MOD Unlimited Money) v1.0.10

Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD is a great game, which was produced by the famous game maker Noodlecake Studios. This is the owner of many interesting games, such as Chameleon Run, FRAMED 1 and 2, Lumino Citys. Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel version of Alto’s Adventure. Previously, the company released Alto’s Odyssey iOS version, which players had to pay $ 4.99 to download. At the moment, they released the Android version for free. However, the game will come with ads.

Like Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey has familiar “endless” running gameplay. You will slide down hills, acrobatics to gain points, overcome obstacles and collect coins. Please join us to see the detail of the game right now!

Alto's Odyssey APK MOD download

The gameplay of Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD

Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD is an attractive action-adventure game. In which, players can explore endless deserts, fly on beautiful dunes, go through thrilling gorges or visit unique temples. Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD has a familiar “endless” gameplay. Like Alto’s Adventure, in Alto’s Odyssey, the player will have to control his character sliding down hills with rugged terrain, barren lands, desolate deserts, and acrobatics to gain points and avoid obstacles, enemies and collect the coins.

It is a majestic, vast desert beyond the horizon that you have never seen before. You can join Alto and his friends on an endless sandboarding journey to discover secrets and fun. On the adventure, gamers will cross the trees, jump in the heated atmosphere, ride on towering stone walls and escape mischievous lemurs.

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The key features

An independent experience: Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure – a game that has received high praise from the gaming community. However, if you do not play the previous version, you can still experience Alto’s Odyssey independently without any influence.

Game easy to play but hard to master: The Alto game series is a one-touch system. During the game, you can Combine combos and complete 180 goals thanks to the intuitive control system. Besides, the gameplay is quite easy to get used to. However, the game has a lot of features and obstacles so it is quite difficult to become a master.

Discover the landscapes: From dunes to canyons, ancient temples …, the scenery in the game is extremely diverse through each area.

Reach new heights: Discover secrets in the sky with hot air balloons, travel on rails and ride horses.

Mastering the elements: In addition to changing light and flexible weather effects such as sandstorms, meteors, deserts, it is also a place where whirlwinds and water rushing frequently.

Meet Alto and friends: Unlock 6 unique characters, each of which has different characteristics and abilities.

Zen mode: This relaxation mode will turn Alto’s Odyssey into a pure adventure: no scores, no coins and no power-ups, only you and the desert.

Photo Mode: When the screen is paused, you can take stunning photos of your trip. After that, you can pinch, swipe, rotate and zoom to create ideal frames and share them with friends and family.

Alto's Odyssey APK MOD player download

In addition to the above features, the game also has simple graphics but is still nice, so the game has received an Apple design award. Besides, the emphasis on sound and music system is also very impressive. Thanks to that, Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD is a suitable game for you to entertain after stressful working and studying hours. Readers can download Alto’s Odyssey APK MOD at the link below. Thanks and have fun!


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