Another Eden MOD APK v2.11.200 (MENU/ GOLD)

Full NameANOTHER EDEN The Cat Beyond Time and Space
PublisherWFS, Inc.
Mod FeaturesMENU/ GOLD
Latest Version2.11.200
RequireAndroid 4.2+
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Another Eden (or Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space) is an extremely unique mobile game from Wright Flyer Studio, the creator of Chrono Trigger. Since its launch in early 2019 in the Japanese market and a few limited areas, the game has quickly attracted the huge attention of gamers. So far, the game has reached 10 million downloads and a large number of players join every day. Following that success, Wright Flyer Studio has just released Another Eden in more than 34 different countries including Europe, Asia and North America. Please join us to find out the outstanding features of the game in this article!

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Another Eden apk


The story

Another Eden’s content revolves around the story of the brothers Aldo and Feene. They were picked up by an elder in the forest. No one knew who their parents were. From an early age, Aldo and Feene showed special abilities that were not available to ordinary people. Aldo can open a door of time travel, while Feene has the ability to make people around hibernate. However, they could not control their power.

When they were 16 years old, an event occurred. The demon Cyrus has captured Feene with the goal of wiping out humanity, bringing him up to dominate the world. In an attempt to despair because he was unable to rescue his sister, Aldo opened a portal of time that made him and all demonic corpses fall into 800 years later in the future. Let’s join Aldo in the journey to fight and rescue his sister

The gameplay

Another Eden is a Japanese mobile RPG (JRPG), based on the inspiration of other famous titles like Chrono Trigger, Shining Arc 2 or Binchotan. Like Chrono Trigger, Another Eden is built on a wide range of space, from the past to the present and the future. Besides, there are time zones that are constantly turned upside down. During the game, you have to go through these milestones, participate in skirmishes, extremely fierce and dangerous battles. You can meet and recruit other warriors to create a powerful army for defeating the giant bosses.

Another Eden gameapk

The in-game mechanism of fighting

The fighting mechanism in Another Eden is a simple turn-based battle system. In which, you select characters and the attacking targets before the turn starts. Then, they will start to do their mission depending on the speed indicator of your character. It is worth mentioning here that there is no auto-battle system. Therefore, players have to control manually. It makes you more interesting instead of sitting and looking at the match. Your team contains four main characters and two additional ones. These two characters will be outside the battle and be regenerated HP and MP at the end of each turn. You can switch them at any time during battle, which also triggers a small buff depending on the character.

After a short time in the game, you will unlock Another Force. This is a special skill but only activated when the charging bar is filled. It allows you to stop time and spam the skills in seconds. When the time is over, your team performs a combined attack, one of which looks like Double Tech X-Strike from Chrono Trigger.

Another Eden mod game

Upgrade characters

In addition, the game features a very interesting character upgrade system. The Pearl board will help players easily build and enhance characters at will. Besides, it gives you more strategies to approach the game.

Another Eden character

The graphics

In terms of the game graphics, WFS really invested in this game. It is still the familiar anime animations with nice colours but not losing the fierce characteristics of the battles. In addition, in contrast to the awkward movements as well as lag and slow FPS speeds in other games, Another Eden optimizes almost all of them.

Another Eden graphics


If you are a loyal JRPG gamer, Another Eden is really a great game for you. The limits and geographic barriers have been removed. There is no reason for you to miss such a great game. You can now visit Another Enden’s official website here to quickly update new features and participate in regular events. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have a fun game!

New updates:
・Ally Encounter Eva… New Ally “Eva” is available.
・Fateful Encounter (Paid, 1 Time Only) is available.
・Re-encounter: Encounter Melissa
・Re-encounter: Fateful Encounter (Paid, 1 Time Only) is available.
・Fateful Encounter 3rd Anniversary (Paid, 2 Times Max) is available.

Added the characters and classes listed below to the new event “Manifestation: True Weapon Discovery.”
・Suzette (Dragoon)

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