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Apex Legends Mobile is a popular Battle Royale game besides PUBG and Fortnite. This is also the first shooter perspective built on the free version of the super-action role-playing game, Titanfall. Although Apex Legends was released after PUBG and Fortnite, it has reached a very large number of players worldwide. It is enough to compete with any game in the market. More specifically, Apex Legends is a completely free game. With a new play style, a futuristic context, and a beautiful character, this is a great game for you to play with your friends.

After a long time-released, Apex Legends Mobile has moved towards a multitasking platform when it has been able to play on many different platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, and Mobile. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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Apex Legends Mobile apk


The gameplay

In Apex Legends Mobile, the gameplay is still the familiar model of survival, parachute, loot and running features. But instead of 100 players, the game’s Squad only has 60 people on a map with only 3 members in each group. Of course, to win the game, you and your team have to destroy the rest as well as reach the top 1.

Looting is less and fighting more. Apex Legends Mobile battles are much more than PUBG and Fortnite because the map is not too large. In which, the weapons have quite a loud firing sound that forces the groups to fight right from the beginning of the game. Besides, the game also does not cause players to be too inhibited when being destroyed too early because the team can still revive you. However, it can be done by recovering the chipboard and bringing the machine to revive. Don’t rush to escape when you die. You always have a chance to come back when your teammates are around.

Apex Legends gameapk

The characters and weapons system

One thing that makes Apex Legends Mobile different from other survival games is these unique generals. Each character has its own designs and skills that can help players control the game, travel through the map easily or revive teammates. The game has a total of 8 characters called the Legends including Mirage, Caustic, Bangalore, Wraith, Pathfinder, Lifeline, Gibraltar and Bloodhound. MODGAMEAPK.NET has synthesized the internal skills, activation and Ultimate skills of these generals in the article “Apex Legends: The details of all the characters”, so you can refer and choose the right one.

Apex Legends mod game

In addition, the weapons system can be said to be extremely diverse. They are inspired by the future and have very fancy designs. All weapons of Apex Legends Mobile are guns including:

  • Assault Rifle: Hemlock Burst AR, R-301 Carbine, VK-47 Flatline.
  • LMG: Devotion, M600 Spitfire, M600 Spitfire.
  • Pistols: P2020, RE:45 Auto, Wingman.
  • Shotguns: EVA-8 Auto, Mastiff, Mozambique, Peacekeeper.
  • SMG: Alternator, Prowler Burst PDW, R-99.
  • Sniper Rifle: G7 Scout, Kraber .50 CAL Sniper, Longbow DMR, Triple Take.

Apex Legends modgame

The instructions for downloading and installing games on PS4, Xbox One and PC:

As mentioned, before the Mobile version, Apex Legends also has 3 other versions that attract more than 25 million players worldwide. They are PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Here I will show you how to download and install games on these 3 platforms:

Install games on the PlayStation 4:

  • Turn on PlayStation 4 mode and start the PlayStation Store from the home screen.
  • Use the Search function and type Apex Legends. Then, the game will appear at the top of the search results.
  • Select the game and select the Download button.
  • Then, you can play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4.

Install on Xbox One:

  • Start Xbox One and access Microsoft Store.
  • Use search results and type Apex Legends. After that, you can choose the game that appears at the top of the search results.
  • Choose and download games.

Install Apex Legends on PC:

  • Download, install and register on EA’s Origin store.
  • Run Origin and search for Apex Legends by using the search function.
  • Search Apex Legends game right on Origin Store.
  • On the store, you select Download or Install.

Which is better between Apex Legends (EA producer) and PUBG (BlueHold producer)?

In my opinion, Apex Legends is better than PUBG. If you want to know the reason why please together with MODGAMEAPK.NET to find out right below:

About the paid issue

When comparing Apex Legends to PUBG, the most obvious thing from the beginning is that EA’s game is completely free. It must be acknowledged that there are still free versions of PUBG on PC (PUBG Mobile simulator, PUBG LITE, …) but their graphics cannot be compared with the 320k worth of Steam products. To PUBG, we have to spend a lot of money. Not all gamers have good conditions.

By giving players a free experience of the Battle Royale genre, EA and Respawn attract a large number of players (10 million in 3 days) and make the game popular quickly.

Attractive reward system

Apex Legends not only aims to attract a large number of players for the game but also wants to keep as many players as possible. Therefore, the system of in-game rewards is quite attractive. When we compare Apex Legends with PUBG, we can easily see that PUBG’s system is too old. Everyone knows microtransaction is a small source of revenue in PUBG. Players will spend money to buy costumes for gun skins or items in the game. Sometimes, gamers even have to complete many other hard missions to get. Apex Legends is different, you do not need to recharge. You can still get free gifts, as long as you can play the game for a long time.

Unique characters and skills system

In PUBG, you can customize a lot of things for your character to make them colourful. That’s it! You can’t change any more. However, Apex Legends has a special character system with unique and interesting skills. It makes Apex Legends unique to gamers. It is a special Battle Royale game with different characters and skills.

A fun game title

In the past, when thinking of Battle Royale, people often thought about the feeling of tension, anxiety and brainstorming because of PUBG and its authenticity, simulating real-world battlefields. However, playing games for fun is the goal of many modern gamers. Battle Royale is also a genre that is transforming from fun to fun, partly thanks to Apex Legends. Apart from being fun and colourful, Apex Legends has an intuitive interface, much easier to play than Bluehole’s game.


In addition to Mobile, PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms, Apex Legends also targets many other destinations to expand the game platform, such as Nintendo Switch. According to EA’s calculation, this move will help its products expand their market share by up to 30%. This is a breakthrough step to becoming the world’s largest game. Currently, Apex Legends is very determined in maintaining daily players by ensuring a clean environment without hacking and interesting events. Here is the version of Apex Legends Mobile APK with lots of special features. Let’s download and experience it now!

New updates:

New mobile-first legend: Fade
Added New Mode: TDM: Random Respawn, Weekly Challenge, and Advanced Training
New Map: TDM: Overflow, Skull town; Arena: Overflow
New weapon, attachment, gadget, HUD/UI, setting, and controller support

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