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Latest Version4.3.3
RequireAdroid 4.1+
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Summer has arrived with hot weather and many great outside activities. With such a kind of weather, enjoying the time at the beach or aqua park is the best thing. However, if the sea is too crowded or you don’t have time for a summer vacation there, we recommend you downloading and playing Aquapark.io APK MOD. It is a fun game from VOODOO producer. In the game, you can join the extremely fun water surfing competition.

Aquapark.io apk

About Aquapark.io for Android

Aquapark.io is an incredibly fun action game but quite dramatic. Entering the game, you will participate in the water surfing competition with other players worldwide. The biggest and most dangerous water tubes are waiting for brave and adventurous gamers.

The gameplay of Aquapark.io mod apk

In the game, your main goal is to go to the end of the slide tube as quickly as possible. Unlike the usual water slide rule, Aquapark.io encourages people to jump off the slide to find a shortcut and take down all opponents on the slide. It doesn’t matter how you get there, play bad or fair-play, as long as you win the game. The top position is probably not in the hands of skilful and experienced people. Perhaps, the people who are willing to face the risk are more likely to win.

Aquapark.io gameplay

Diverse tactics

In Aquapark io, if you just slide freely, you can hardly get a top position. Instead, you should find out and apply many different tactics. For example, push the opponent out of the slide or you can open your paraglider to fly as a shortcut to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

However, you need to choose the right time to land to get the best effect. Besides, slides have different sizes and structures. Sometimes, it looks like a maze. Therefore, if you land on the wrong time or fly in the air for too long, you can easily be overtaken by your opponent and miss the chance to win.

Observing the target Aquapark.io mod

Aquapark.io has a lot of maps and play areas. Each of them has its own design that requires you to get used to it. In some maps, you can immediately jump off the current slide and go down the pipe below. In such situations, you can almost win absolutely, but it requires some very difficult operations. You may have to practice a lot.

Aquapark.io mod game

Perform the jumps regularly

At almost every level, it is almost impossible to go the whole slide. Therefore, you should be cautious whenever you intend to jump in a distance to go faster. The rule is that never slide normally in one round. You should jump and follow the slide after the end of a curve.

Aquapark.io game mod

Take down the opponent

I do not encourage you to take down other opponents on the water slide as this will endanger yourself. However, you sometimes need to take action to kick them off the slopes to go further forward. If you do not do so, the opponent will also defeat you if you block their way.

Bonus Aquapark.io MOD

In Aquapark.io, the bonus on each of your tracks is the gold coin but you don’t need to collect all the coins on the slide because it is not so important. The main goal of the game is to defeat opponents in any way. Therefore, you need more skill than performing an entire race.

The graphics and sound

Aquapark.io is designed with 3D graphics and a combination of colours, typical features produced by Voodoo. The game zones are carefully designed. Also, the effects are extremely true. Voodoo has been very clever to set the track in many different places like beaches, resorts or even deserts, which gives the best experience to the players.

Aquapark.io graphics


Aquapark.io is a great water slide game, which you should not miss this summer. Moreover, it is completely free. The game is very simple but interesting. You can immediately apply what we share above to win. Here are 2 versions of Aquapark.io APK (original file) and Aquapark.io MOD (Remove Ads). Let’s download your favourite version right now! If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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