Full NameArcana Tactics
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.0.15
RequireAndroid 5.1+
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Arcana Tactics is a Strategy role-playing game from the developer Tikitaka Studio. In the game, players will in turn summon powerful heroes, overlap the squad and fight against monsters, mighty BOSS. Today, MODGAMEAPK would like to provide you with the MOD (Unlimited Money) APK files of Arcana Tactics for free on Android and IOS. Please join us to find out more about it right now!

Arcana Tactics mod apk download

The game content

Arcana Tactics was first available in South Korea in 2019. After getting a lot of success and attracting the huge attention of gamers, Tikitaka Studio has recently brought this game to the world as a global version with many notable changes.

Like many other card games, Arcana Tactics has a quite familiar story, which is about defending the citadel and exploring the expansion of the territory. Thereby, you will experience a lot of battles and extremely interesting adventures. Although Arcana Tactics is a card game, it has some innovations aimed at the majority of players such as incorporating real-time PvP mode.

Arcana Tactics apk

The gameplay

At first glance, we think the card games are pretty easy to play, but Arcana Tactics is not the case. Due to the game belongs to the tactical heroes genre, players’ task is to collect the generals and combine them into many different squads. Besides, Arcana Tactics has continuous fast-paced gameplay, so it requires the player’s agile reflexes. Also, you have to give fast decisions to Attack – Defend or Withdraw. In particular, Arcana Tactics needs players with a lot of strategies and good general management.

Arcana Tactics apk download

Diverse activities

Arcana Tactics offers a variety of special combat activities alongside other players around the world.

– Form your own team

– Use up your strategic skills to move general cards through battlefields full of fire and smoke

– Continuous BOSS hunting on multiple servers

– Combine with other teammates to win many noble rewards.

Arcana Tactics mod apk

Hero system

At this point, Arcana Tactics has more than 100 hero cards, which help you can combine many different squads. According to the information we have received, the number of heroes has reached 139 in the latest version. They are divided into classes, including Archer, Paladin, Marionette, Vampire… along with a separate skill system.

Moreover, the battle is automated. Your job is to choose the right heroes before each battle by assigning each person to a specific position. Then, they can combine each other’s skills to defeat the enemy. Besides, to make the hero stronger, you can upgrade them from Rubi, Diamond and some upgraded equipment.

Arcana Tactics apk mod

The graphics and sound

Arcana Tactics brings players to experience a 2D graphics platform with perfect artistic lines. Specifically, the Chibi-style visual system will immerse the player in a bright and lively space. More specifically, the character’s movements are smooth, which makes the game realistic and vivid.

Certainly right from the moment you entered Arcana Tactics, you were fascinated by the background sound system. Specifically, the sound part is shown in detail with the soft background music at the main base background.

However, it will become majestic stimulating the fighting spirit of the player before going to battle.

Especially the dramatic sound in each battle is exaggerated and harmoniously combined with the sound of the move to make the battle in the game more exciting than ever.

Arcana Tactics mod download

The MOD feature

Unlimited money: Currently, The MOD version is available for players to download. Arcana Tactics MOD (Unlimited money) gives you an unlimited budget for freely upgrading or shopping.

New updates:

– New Invasion Boss: Minerva, Unicorn, and Alliance Guard
– Added the Great Goddess Expedition Quests
– Arcana/Hero Balance Adjustment
– Fix Other Errors

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