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Full NameAttack on Titan: Assault
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Latest Version1.1.10
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Attack on Titan for Andoird is a great action game based on the Japanese manga and film series. The game not only possesses beautiful hand-drawn graphics of Manga but the world of Attack on Titan is also huge for players to explore. Besides, Anttack on Titan also has a version named Attack on Titan PC, which was distributed Exclusive on Steam.


The story

Attack On Titan brings a mysterious and thrilling story with lots of action and horror elements. It is the war between the human and the Titan giants, in which the human had to fight for survival. Several hundred years ago, humans began to be attacked by Giants, which is a kind of human predator. They ate humans as a hobby rather than a need to eat that pushes people to the risk of extinction. In order to protect themselves, humans have built huge walls together and been there for years to protect themselves from those terrifying Titans. One day, a strange and giant Titan with scary power suddenly appeared and broke the outer protective wall. Peaceful days have ended, which led to the fierce battle beginning.

Attack on Titan the story game

The Gameplay

In the game, players will accompany Eren and his friends to rescue humanity from the threat of immortal giants (Titan forces). Players will take advantage of mobile equipment and fly in the sky to fight with fierce Titans. The game is the great combats that are both horrified and attractive, which can satisfy all gamers.

Join Attack on Titan, players experience great horror battles. The giant has quick moves and reflexes, pushing your character into dangerous situations. At this point, you need to cleverly combine flying, jumping and launching deadly attacks at the right time to win. The game uses the same story from the Anime and Manga series of the same name. Besides, it also adds new details for making gamers more interested in.

Attack on Titan the game play

The key features

Build a strong assassin squad

In this game, the players can build a good assassin squad by collecting and training the characters following the storyline. There are many hero cards for you to choose from to build your team. Besides, you can join the PvP battle to have dramatic battles with your teammates.Attack on Titan the squad

Various battlefields

Attack on Titan has many battlefields for you to choose from. These locations are originally written from the plot such as Shiganshina, Trost, Calaneth, Giant Tree Forest and many other interesting battling places. All battlefields have realistic and vivid 3D graphics.

Multi-dimensional character upgrading system

There are many ways to upgrade your character including collecting upgrade cards, combining equipment or simply completing a match. The more Titan you kill, the more power your character will be.

Cruel, powerful and skilful giants

Equal to the fighters of Attack on Titan, the giants with skilful moves will make you difficult in every battle. This also makes the task harder. However, it is also an interesting thing to make you more motivated.

Attack on Titan giant

Diverse characters number

Attack on Titan has 37 characters. They will appear in different costumes and show off skills that you have never seen before. Through Buddy Actions, players can interact with these characters and experience each person’s story to gain a better understanding.

The game modes

  • Scout Mode: In this mode, the player will join his three friends to form a small group to detect or hunt giant Titans outside the wall. Before departure, you will be taken to the main base, where you can upgrade weapons, change outfits, choose suitable missions for the group. Your mission will be completely separate from the main tasks. It will lead you around the game world.
  • Weapon Upgrades: As the name suggested, this function allows players to upgrade their weapons so that they can confront the Titans more easily. The things you can upgrade are jetpacks, swords and sword shields. In which, upgrading the jetpack will help the character approach the opponent more easily and quickly; upgrading the sword will make greater damage; upgrading the sword shields will help you carry more fuel when fighting. Materials used for upgrades can be found at single-player mode and multiplayer mode.
  • Decisive Battle Signal: This is a function that allows you to call your teammates to “team-battle” a hard Titan. To use it, players need to fill the glider by completing side quests in the stage or destroying other Titans. When it is activated, the main character will shoot a firework to signal than the surrounding characters will simultaneously attack the target.
  • In addition to the traditional single-player mode, Attack on Titan also has hard battles that require a combination of teams to complete quickly. In PvP mode, players will team up, give proper tactics and apply their skills to win. Attack on Titan games mode

Authentic 3D graphics and attractive sound effects

As many game titles adapted from other Manga, the graphics of Attack on Titan still really gives players something very close to the comic, half real and half fake. Their faces, character strokes, gestures and actions all have a very unique expression. If you are a fan of Persona series, you will see many similarities in the graphics of these two games.

The Titan villains are made quite meticulous. They portray the greatness, massiveness, madness and blood-thirsty. However, these Titans are not yet diverse. There are only a few types of Titan.

Attack on Titan the best graphics


With excellent turn-based gameplay and excellent 3D graphics, Attack on Titan will bring you a new gaming experience, which is definitely a great entertainment option for fans who love to hunt giants in particular and in action game in general. You can download Attack on Titan: Assault Apk Mod  to have new and more interesting experiences.v

Mod INFO: Automatically win three stars to win

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