AXES.IO APK MOD (Unlimited Money) V1.3.28

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  • September 22, 2019
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AXES.IO apk mod
New Update :
  • Performance improvements
  • Localization fixes
  • Bug fixes

AXES.IO is a new mobile game from Crescent Moon producer. The game was first released on IOS devices. Recently, the game has been available on Android. AXES.IO is an action game based on the survival arena. The game has quite fast-paced gameplay and extremely unique elements. You can use the axe to throw at everything. As one of the most popular games in ‘.IO’ series, AXES.IO is built with action gameplay, intensive battles, simple control mechanisms and beautiful graphics.

AXES.IO apk mod

The gameplay

Right from the name of AXES.IO game, players can immediately think of gameplay related to axes. In the game, players will join a very exciting and extremely fierce battlefield. You have to try your best to survive and win the game. However, the control is simple. In the game, you can use the left thumb to move the character back and forth in the arena. To throw an axe, the player must aim the green arrow at the enemy and click to throw the axe into the opponent’s face to finish them off. However, when gamers throw the axe, they have to run to pick up another one on the ground to be able to continue the 2nd, 3rd… When destroying the opponent in the arena, the gamers will get the reward as gold coins. Besides, you can collect these coins to earn EXP and level up your character. The higher the level is, the more axes you character will be equipped with.

AXES.IO apk mod gameplay

The character system

Currently, AXES.IO has a total of 16 types of warriors for players to choose from, including Thieves, Dark Knights, Hunters… In the game, your mission is to complete the levels to receive a certain amount of gold. After you have enough gold coin, you can unlock new characters. In addition to the diverse character system, the weapon system also gives you quite a lot of interesting things. The game also offers many designs of the axe.

AXES.IO apk mod weapons

Unique missions

In addition to the basic mission that is to fight and survive on the battlefield. The game gives players many other unique missions. If you are bored with battle, you can fully participate in defeating giant dragons, instead of killing each other.

The graphics

AX.IO brings players back to the Middle Ages with many ancient scenes. They make gamers always interested in. Besides, the character system and effects are also taken care of by the manufacturer. It can be seen that the game has no extra details or effects. The smallest details are extremely meticulous and carefully designed. Certainly, when downloading and playing the game, you would not be able to take your eyes off from the phone screen.

AXES.IO apk mod graphics


Overall, AXES.IO is a simple, easy-to-play game as well as features a sharp graphics background and unique effects. At the moment, the game is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, we would like to bring you AXES.IO APK MOD (Unlimited Money), which allows you to use unlimited budget right from the beginning of the game. Wish you have a great gaming experience with AXES.IO and! Thanks and have fun!

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