Battle Prime APK- Online Multiplayer Combat CS Shooter v4.2

Battle Prime APK is an extremely intensive and tactical third-person shooter game from Blitz Team developer. It is now available worldwide for iOS and Android after the soft launch in June. Blitz Team was founded last year by a small team of the game World of Tanks Blitz. As the first game, Battle Prime is sure to be taken care of very carefully. It promises to be an impressive game with quality images as good as the console games. Besides, it will be the potential for a giant mobile shooter game in the future. Also, the graphics of Battle Prime is better than other games in the app store.

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The game content

Battle Prime is a shooting game based on 6v6 team battles. In which, the character you control is a bit heavy, a bit more tactical than other twitch shooters games (fast reflex shooter) like the usual COD: Mobile. Besides, you don’t play as a random military soldier. Instead, you are a true “Elite Agent” in Battle Prime APK.

These characters have unique abilities and play styles, such as power or speed. You can switch between different agents to adapt to the pace of the battle. With the game’s emphasis on quick tactical matches, good teamwork will be the key point to get you to the victory. Playing alone is a bad option.

Also, the game has many modes for you to choose from, like defeats everyone with the power of Hulk, or surpasses it with the speed of Flash. Depending on your fighting style, you can play with suitable strategies and enjoy the feeling of winning after spectacular gun battles.

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Great arsenal

Battle Prime APK has a beautiful and diverse weapon collection. It will give you the many tactical options and the ultimate graphics background. Gamers will find some familiar weapons in PUBG or Call of Duty®: Mobile like M16A4, M416, AK47… Besides, the game provides players many new guns. Each weapon requires different skills to use them, all of which are a bit futuristic. So, they will surely bring you great feelings.

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The great graphics

Battle Prime APK has quality graphics in the style of Call of Duty and Warface. With great visual effects, characters and maps are detailed and optimized for the majority of mobile devices. Thereby you can enjoy the most vivid, realistic battle scenes.

In the testing version, a few players have encountered unpleasant technical difficulties, including small errors and frame rate issues. Hopefully, these issues have been fixed at the official launch, as developers continue to optimize the game for iOS and Android devices.

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The first season of Battle Prime APK has officially begun. At the moment, you have the option of purchasing Elite Pass, giving you access to exclusive rewards during the game. Besides, you can find Battle Prime APK and download it for free at the link below. Please check the game’s official Twitter account as well as our website regularly for the latest news.

New update:
  • Season 4 continues! Complete Battle Pass missions and earn cool rewards.
  • Improved interface.
  • Improved in-game balance.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

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