Bistro Heroes MOD (One Hit) v3.8.0

Full NameBistro Heroes
PublisherTeam Tapas
Mod FeaturesOne Hit
Latest Version3.8.0
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Bistro Heroes is an interesting superhero game, in which your mission is to destroy monsters and protect the earth. Instead of the fighting gameplay, Bistro Heroes gives players a true life about heroes. It is different from the normal hero game. Besides, we would like to provide you with the modified version of the game – Bistro Heroes MOD APK (One Hit). It will help you defeat the enemy quickly without losing much effort. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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The story

Bistro Heroes revolves around the story about 2 girls. On a rainy night, they decided to leave the capital to find out new lands. After days of searching, their journey stopped in a peaceful countryside where delicious food attracted them. Then, they decided to stay there. However, living and developing the land was not easy. The first difficulty they encounter is the monster, which was devastating. Also, they did not have enough food.

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The gameplay

In the game, your main task is to find the ingredients to bring the 2 girls to cook dishes. At the same time, you have to sell your products to get money, gold. Thereby, you can expand the restaurant.

How to find food: The only way to do it is to pick up a weapon and go hunting. In the game, there is plenty of good food waiting for you in the forest. However, the ingredients can be mentioned, such as wild pork, wild chicken, mushrooms, vegetables, and fresh seafood. In addition to the food-hunting journey, you can also meet companions and invite them to join your team.

Besides, there are 2 main game modes, consisting of the story and small hunting quests. Also, there are other equally interesting modes, specifically:

– Fishing mode: AT this point, players can enjoy the feeling of relaxation by the lake and hunt for fish below.

– Dungeon mode: In this mode, the game provides you with many different challenges every day or at specified times. Moreover, you will get a lot of attractive rewards after finishing them.

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The combat mechanism

In Bistro Heroes, the fighting system is quite simple. Before each hunt, you will choose 4 heroes in the village. Each battle will have a different number of monsters, so players will have to control their characters to move and use reasonable moves. Besides, the warrior will own different skills that players can click to activate. After activating the abilities, it takes a while to heal and reuse. The battle will end when the player destroys all monsters or is defeated.

Hero system

Each hero possesses a unique skill set and story. They are also divided into different classes based on the roles, including Blasting, gladiator, mage, and gunner. To level up the character, players can use green crystals. They will help your hero increase damage and health. Besides, players can use money, gold to upgrade all their heroes.

Bistro Heroes also has a pretty good point that you can collect the cloth to sew costumes for heroes. Each warrior has a multitude of outfits that are classified into distinct qualities, so the amount of fabric is also completely different.

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How to cook in Bistro Heroes

Cooking is the most important feature of Bistro Heroes. From here, you will generate a lot of profits to expand the store and upgrade the character. The store’s menu will include items that players can craft, from simple to complex. Besides, players will need from 1 to 4 ingredients for each dish. After processing, you can sell the dishes and get profit after a certain time.

In addition to getting the cooking ingredients, players can also get more wood after each battle. After that, you can use this wood to create the necessary items to renovate as well as decorate the restaurant more sparkling and beautiful.


In general, Bistro Heroes has many interesting features that are not available in the role-playing games on the market. Besides, players also experience a beautiful Chibi graphics system. In which, the visual system is nice, which has created a very unique character. Moreover, skill effects or other effects are not much but are used appropriately to make the game more attractive. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:
– Few errors from certain battles have been fixed.
– Fixed several system, and textual errors
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