Full NameBloons Pop!
Publisherninja kiwi
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.2
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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We are back with the cute monkey Max in the game series about balloons and the adorable monkey town in the Bloons Pop game! by the developer Ninja Wiki. With beautiful graphics and simple but interesting gameplay, players will enjoy a lot of cuteness in this game. Please join modgameapk.net to learn about Bloons Pop MOD APK right now!

Balloons Pop cover image

The story

On a beautiful day in Monkey town, everything was going peacefully and beautifully like any other normal day. Suddenly, evil balloons came out of nowhere and used their flying abilities to steal the town’s buildings and trees. The town’s residents needed help. At this time, monkey Max – a close friend of the residents here came with his gun, taking on the task of finding evil balloons and bringing back the lost items. The other ones will stay to fix the main building and wait for Max to return.

How to play

In this game, you will control Max to shoot down the balloons and bring back the stolen things. Specifically, the monkey will play levels to earn money (Monkey Money) and good value items to restore the village. Players will go through each level with different requirements. At each level, gamers will have to reach a certain number of balloons to finish and receive rewards. However, the balls are not easily destroyed. On the upper right corner of the screen, it will show the number of throws you have, and the number of balls that you need to destroy. On the other side, it will be the place for the superhero bar, which will shoot more arrows for you to destroy more balls. To achieve this super archer, players have to destroy a certain number of balls. The game will record your progress for you to easily track. Besides, Balloons Pop will end when you run out of the moves. If you fail to clear the specified number of balls in your moves or let the balls fly over, you lose and have to play again. After completing the level, you will receive money and valuable items. In which money will be used to buy things to repair the village and upgrade. In addition, gamers will not be bored because the game will provide you with many interesting character creations. But you must meet certain conditions to unlock them. All the best!

Balloons Pop gameplay 1

The key features

  • Diverse and lovely characters: Bloons Pop will bring you more than 10 interesting character designs. They have different ways of shooting to help you have more fun during the game.
  • The challenges also change frequently. They have different balloon arrangements that make players think more to find the right strategy. In addition, the balloons also have many cool colors, making the game more interesting.
  • Delight in building Monkey town: Bloons Pop gives players 8 town drawings with more than 120 beautiful items. Players will unleash their creativity and forget the fatigue of real life.
  • Upgrading and Fusion: Besides, the game allows players to upgrade the items of the town to gain more advanced features. Besides, players can fuse monkeys to create Mega Monkey with greater strength, destroy more balls.
  • Players can compete with each other on the leaderboard to achieve even greater rewards.

Balloons Pop gameplay

Note: Bloons Pop is a free game on Android. However, it also has items in the store that require players to pay real money to buy. You can disable this feature in your device’s settings.

Get ready with Max – Super Monkey to destroy the evil balloons and restore peace and beauty to the village!

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