Bouncer – Temporary App Permissions APK MOD v1.22

Bouncer was the best application of 2018 through Google reviews and many reputable websites around the world. After 2 years, there have been many applications like Bouncer available in the market, but it has been developing. Currently, Bouncer is a unique security application, allowing users to temporarily grant permission to the apps. For example, you can allow Twitter to access your location for a long time to check a location, and Bouncer will disable right when you leave Twitter. It can be said to be a very smart application to expand your phone capabilities. At the moment, Bouncer costs about $ 2. However, if you do not have enough condition or simply not ready to pay for this, please download our APK version of Bouncer at the end of this article.

Bouncer mod apk download

How to use Bouncer APK

First, users have to install the APK File, which is available at the end of this post. Then, you need to launch the app and select Enable Bouncer. At this point, in Downloaded Services, please click on Bouncer and turn it on.

After that, you have to follow the instructions to set up Bouncer on the phone. Besides, this app only works with newly granted rights. So, you should reset the permissions for all applications to ensure that no application has unauthorized access to any permissions. After setting up Bouncer on the phone, users can continue using the phone as usual. Whenever the application asks you for permission, you can grant them as appropriate. As soon as you press the Home button to exit the application, Bouncer will ask if you want to revoke the permission from the application. It will depend on your decision.

Also, if you are granting a right but do not want Bouncer to revoke it, you can simply press “Keep” to command the app to keep the rights activated.

Note: At present, Bouncer does not check gestures for pressing the Back button. Therefore, users will need to exit the app by pressing the Home button. It will help Bouncer to realize that you have exited the application and revoked permissions.

Bouncer mod apk howto download

Removing malicious applications

According to Google, Bouncer will search the entire Android Market, track new download applications to detect and classify malicious applications that contain malware, spyware, trojans and errors.

Besides, Bouncer also automatically runs these apps on Google’s cloud platform to check for activities that may be harmful to users. Also, to prevent the risk of malware infection from the beginning, Bouncer scans the accounts of developers or programmers who have downloaded applications with malware.

Bouncer mod apk app download


In general, Bouncer is a very useful application for you to extend your phone, grant application permissions, and remove all bad apps. Moreover, it has a detailed commitment and evaluation from Google. So users can be assured of its quality and security. Readers can download the app at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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