Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK v1.1.5

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK is an interesting puzzle game from the developer GAMEJAM. The game was released in mid-December 2019. Although the game is new, it has been highly evaluated because of the entertainment and training of human abilities. In this article, please, together with MODGAMEAPK.NET, to find out the great things of the game Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK.

The gameplay

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK is entertaining but complex gameplay. The complexity here is not reflected in the way that gamers have to pass each level, but it is a huge number of levels. Each has different ways to play. In the first game screen, you need to put the pen, needle, razor… in its place. However, in the harder levels, players have to guess the location of objects, guess the colours, to solve puzzles, quick reflexes in unexpected situations… Overall, the gameplay of Brain Puzzle: 99 Games is quite diverse. Surely, it will bring entertaining moments for players.

Brain Puzzle - 99 Games APK gameplay download

Unique game

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK is a great combination of other entertaining games, such as 1Line, Cut the Rop, Knife… and many other famous games. The developer has taken part in the gameplay of these games and changed some features to make them more interesting and funny. When experiencing Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK, gamers will feel like they are playing a big game.

Brain Puzzle-99 Games APK download

Simple design

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games APK is designed on a simple 2D background, not fussy but very intuitive and easy to do. Besides, the game also combines light and dark colours very harmoniously. All the game screens almost use gentle colours and combine with white background, so it will not make your eyes strain. Besides, the obstacles and challenges are also designed to be as minimalist as possible so you can focus more on overcoming them without being distracted by anything.

Brain Puzzle-99 Games APK graphics download

In addition, the game has a good enough interface. Readers can download the game in our link below. After a few simple installation steps, you can play the game without any difficulties. In the game screen, only one note goes back when you cannot pass, no hint or instruction at all. Your task is to identify the gameplay yourself, find an effective way to overcome them. Sometimes, it is not an entertaining game anymore. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

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