Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK v1.23.0.329

Full NameBreaking Bad: Criminal Elements
PublisherFTX Games LTD
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version1.23.0.329
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Nowadays, the good life sometimes fools people with a good car, luxurious building and diverse entertaining activities. You may not pay attention to the criminals in the world. But the bad things still exist in many forms. Today, we would like to provide you another aspect of life through a new game named Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. It is a world of criminals, based on the famous criminal TV series from Vince Gilligan. In the game, you can enjoy the game your way, and meet dozens of celebrities in the story. They will be bundled in the latest strategy game from FTX Games LTD. At the moment, the game is available on Android and iOS devices. Besides, we would like to provide you with a modified version of the game named Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK. It will bring you more advanced features than the original version. Please join us to check it out right now!

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The story

In the game, gamers play the role of a high school teacher who is struggling to provide a good life for his family. But you suddenly found that diagnosed with lung cancer. So Walter White, a chemistry teacher started to do everything to provide for his family as long as he could. Besides, he worked with his former student to produce drugs and selling them to the local people. Despite all the risks, he was trying his best to ensure the financial status of his family after he died.

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The gameplay

In Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK, you play the Assistant for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. They are trying to build their empire as drug dealers. After that, you will start to learn a bit about the game tutorials. Your goal is to build your base by using available resources. Besides, you can attack other players to collect their items. Also, players will need to expand their territory, which allows them to consume the resources through the battle. You can build your base sustainably against enemies who are always ready to attack and occupy your resources.

Each member of your team can attack, defend and produce resources separately. You should upgrade the experts so that they can help you defend the base, boost production, and even lead forces to defeat your competitors while expanding your territory. Also, you have to learn and train your skills to get the qualities and necessary things for reaching the top of power. The typical upgrades that you can do include upgrade laboratories, perfect products, protect bases, build an army and expand territory.

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Attack – defense

In the game, each base will have a different team in the research room, an attack team and a team at home for defending. For the defensive team, the system will provide the corresponding defensive equipment at each level. Players have to arrange them as well as arrange the defensive characters reasonably. The ultimate goal is to protect Headquarters. If Headquarters is destroyed, your base will fail. But it seems that the fall of the base does not affect the players.

The next is to attack and negotiate deals with business partners. In which, gamers can spend money to unlock maps. The plot will have different chapters, as well as the missions will also have a branch for players to choose to do business with 2 different characters. However, the game has a minus point is that separation does not bring any change or influence on the plot later. So the player can close his eyes and choose to cooperate with anyone.

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The key features

Base construction

In the game, there are no limits. You must do everything you can to expand your business and secure the base. Also, you can build and upgrade new buildings, fabricate resources, and protect your operations from an ambush.

Developing the laboratory

You will start the game with the tiny space of the infamous RV – and do everything until there are enough influence and resources. After that, you can build an innovative base capable of creating a large number of high-end products.

Expanding your territory

In the game, you are the ruler. As you build your product distribution network, new resources and areas will be available for development. Make sure the enemy is not one step ahead of you.

Recruit and manage your team

Each recruiting expert has its unique ability to support the attack, defense, resource production and enhance your influence. So, you can upgrade experts to increase these capabilities.

The graphics and sound

About the graphics and sound, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK has good enough graphics. For a strategy game on the phone like Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK, graphics are not an important thing. The game is well optimized for mid and low-end smartphones.

Besides, the sound is also good enough to satisfy gamers. The game has a soundtrack to help players feel less empty, such as the sound when building or gunfire. Gamers when experience can also be turned off without any effect at all.

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Overall, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK is a game adapted from a successful TV series when the game describes quite fully the life of the criminal world and the psychology of each criminal. Although Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements APK is a free strategy game, but some in-game items may require gamers to pay with real money. If you do not want to pay, please turn off the in-app purchase feature in the settings of the device. Besides, we bring you the MOD version of the game for free. Also, if you have registered before the game’s release, you can get some rewards, including bonuses, upgrades, and special upgrades.

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