Bridge Constructor Portal APK (MOD Paid) v5.2

Full NameBridge Constructor Portal
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version5.2
RequireAndroid 5.2+
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Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD is a very interesting entertainment and construction game. It was released by the developer Headup Games. So far, the game has been the most-played game in 2020. It can be said, action games, card games, MOBA or survival are making gamers somewhat bored. Therefore, puzzle games are strongly revived and won the hearts of the players.

The name of the game is a combination of the previous product of ClockStone – Bridge Constructor with the official copyright from Valve – the developer of Portal. It has been 6 years since Portal 2 was released by Valve, we have just witnessed the graphics of this game reappear in the Bridge Constructor Portal. At the moment, this game is available on Android, macOS and Windows. Also, the game supports other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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The story at the company Aperture Science

Overall, the game’s story is nothing special for you to be too concerned about it. You just need to know it will turn you into a scientific researcher called GLaDOS. Your life will be associated with science company Aperture Science, where you will bury your youth to invent new bridges with good load capacity. Gamers have to create endurance tests to measure the bridge’s load capacity by allowing the trucks to go through from the starting point to the finish line or the test characters.

Interesting puzzle gameplay

Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD includes many small screens with increasing difficulty levels from easy to hard. Besides, there are countless obstacles on your way like turrets, lasers. They are strong enough to break your bridge. Although it is a puzzle, Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD still encourages players’ creativity. However, players still have to follow some physical rules. Most stages require certain precision, making sure you are careful about your actions. You have to connect the beams and cables to create a strong structure that supports the load and fits your budget.

Most importantly, gamers have to find a way to connect the components so that the bridge can stand. It will be a difficult challenge for any player. Sometimes, the bridge will collapse and the consequences are unpredictable. I the game, 60 levels are corresponding 60 puzzles, each of which has a unique thing that you will always feel new and interested. After each win, you will receive a small amount of money. You can use it to buy more materials and pay the test participants in the next game.

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Funny graphics and sounds

An interesting thing that you cannot find in any other game is that Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD has a lot of GLaDOS’s funny conversations. It makes any player feel familiar with a complete version of Portal. For example, when a bridge collapse and a group of test participants died, GLaDOS will tell them not to worry because their wages will be transferred to the afterlife.

Regarding graphics, the game is designed on 2D graphics. However, you do not need to worry because it still conveys all the essence of a Portal game. From images, colors to the effects of fire… are designed and registered copyright of Valve. This makes Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD like a 3rd version of the legendary puzzle game series.

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In general, Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD will make gamers spend hours to play, even it can be addictive for you. Besides, it brings players funny horror features, intellectual puzzles, and even the flickering sounds of GLaDOS. At the moment, gamers can download this game on CH Play or APP Store. But the game costs $ 4.99. If you are not ready to pay for this, please download Bridge Constructor Portal APK MOD at the link below.

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