Bright Paw MOD APK (Paid) v1.0.12

Bright Paw MOD APK (Paid) is a fascinating detective-matching puzzle adventure game. It belongs to the publisher of the famous strategy game Chaos Combat Chess, which is Rogue Games. In the game, you will play the role of a cat investigating his boss’s murderer. It will definitely bring you the best gaming experience. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

Bright Paw mod apk download


The game content

In Bright Paw, you will play the role of a cat, which lives with your owner. One night, a gun sound raised in the house, and your owner was dead. However, the reason why he was killed or who is the killer was in the dark. You have to find the answer but it will not be easy to find, especially when you are in the form of a cat. In the game, players have to follow the instructions of the storyteller with the voice following you everywhere. Specifically, you will explore different locations, find clues, and track down the trail of an unknown killer.

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The gameplay

The missions in Bright Paw will take you through more than 70 unique levels. Each of them is a puzzle in the escape room with a compelling story and many unexpected turns. With a beautifully stylized visual system, over 180 hidden objects will be scattered throughout Bright Paw Industries’ mysterious laboratories for you to collect. This amazing puzzle game is sure to keep you thrilled and excited.

Bright Paw mod apk gameplay download

Outstanding features of the game Bright Paw

• You can enter a unique puzzle adventure with over 70 challenging levels.

• Explore a mysterious, complex and humorous storyline with live voice acting.

• Besides, the game provides simple turn-based controls, which allows you easily plan and defeat your enemies.

• Over 180 hidden objects for you to collect.

• Moreover, it has beautiful pictures and inspirational background music. They will always make you interested in the game.

Bright Paw mod download


Overall, Bright Paw has an interesting storyline, meticulously drawn graphics, and a professional sound system. They will let you immerse yourself in this entertaining story. Besides, you can explore all the locations, collect all the necessary evidence, and find the criminals who deserve punishment for their evil action. The result will make you happy.

Currently, Bright Paw is available on Google Play for up to $ 4.99. However, not everyone can have enough conditions to perform the payment for this. Therefore, we would like to bring you the Bright Paw MOD APK (Paid) version for FREE at the end of this article. It will still provide you with the original gaming experience, or even better. Readers can download it at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this post. Thanks and have fun!

New update: Fixed crashes that were occurring for some devices

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