Bullet Rush! MOD APK (Unlocked/No Ads) v1.17

Full NameBullet Rush!
Mod FeaturesYes
Latest Version1.17
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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VOODOO is a popular game maker, which is no stranger to mobile game lovers. They regularly release games with simple but innovative and unique gameplay. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game from this developer, which is Bullet Rush! MOD APK (Unlocked/No Ads). This is an interesting action shooter on mobile, where you shoot madly and destroy hundreds of enemies on the map in one game screen. Please join us to find it out in this article!

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The gameplay

Bullet Rush! MOD APK is easier to play than other classic FPS games thanks to the automatic targeting and firing mode. Players only need to control the character to move flexibly on the map, destroying a large number of enemies coming from all sides. When enemies gather into a huge crowd that you cannot resist, you can activate the Fire mode to clear the map quickly. However, this type of gameplay will sometimes make you feel like Bullet Rush is quite similar to Alien Shooter. On each level, there are many obstacles that players must pay attention to when moving, such as lakes, concrete mounds, trees… Therefore, you should run in very flexible directions and not let the enemy cornered yourself in the foot or being surrounded by the wall.

In Bullet Rush! MOD APK, a game duration is very short. It will end when you clear all enemies on the map and reach the safe helipad. Also, players will earn a significant amount of money after finishing each level. After that, you can use it to unlock their skin or pet.

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Pets Collection

Pet is one of the most interesting factors that help you increase the chance of winning at each level. In the store, there are about 5 types of pets, including cats, dogs, boars, bears, and robots.

Looking at their appearance, you can guess that they have been trained very well. However, the price of each type is quite expensive, about 1500 dollars. You will have to accumulate and collect bonuses on the battlefield to buy.

Overall, the pet system is still under construction. Hopefully, VOODOO will add more brave warriors.

Bullet Rush! mod apk pets download

Unlock unique skin

The spy has a fairly normal default appearance, so playing the game with him in a few hundred levels might be a bit boring. Therefore, VOODOO has added a diverse skin collection so that you can change the appearance of the main character for getting more fun.

At present, there are 12 types of skins, shaped by famous characters like Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Others have unique looks like cactus, black brother, or bald spy.

The MOD feature

• Unlock All Costumes.

• No Ads: The MOD version removed all ads.

• Freeze Enemies: Enemies are completely standstill, which helps you complete difficult levels more easily.

New updates:
  • Overall optimization.
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