Bus Simulator: Ultimate MOD (Unlimited Money) APK_v1.5.2

Full NameBus Simulator: Ultimate
PublisherZuuks Games
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.5.2
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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In the previous article, we introduced you to the GTA V RPG with great graphics and free gameplay, which allows you to travel everywhere and live out of the law control. However, it is the life of a bad guy. Today, I would like to bring you the chance to become a good person with a very interesting job. Instead of playing bad or organizing the illegal racing like GTA V, you now can work as a good driver in the game Bus Simulator: Ultimate. This would be a great new feeling. The game is developed by Truck Simulator developers. In which, you experience the feeling of being a real driver. Your task is to pick up the passengers and take them to the destinations safely. Besides, you can experience the works and life in many popular places in the world such as Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands… Let’s go with us to see the interesting features of the game right now!

Bus Simulator apk


Working as a real driver

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is unlike any other driving game that you have ever played. Instead of driving on every street in the city or racing with police, this game will turn you into a true bus driver. Your task is to transport guests to the required places while ensuring their safety. Basically, the interface of the game is not too difficult to understand. Moreover, It is very practical. Players can control the bus with two buttons. On the left, you can use a key to control the direction. On the right corner of the screen, the manufacturer specifically designed a lever, a pedal and a brake pedal as the real structure in the car. The lever will help you activate the reverse engine for braking as well as to control the vehicle’s speed. To drive a bus well, you need to operate the movements very smoothly and absolutely follow the traffic law. Otherwise, you will be penalized by the police.

Besides, you have not to forget to give the sign every time you change the lanes or turn. The city is very strict about this. Gamers have to do their best to become a good traffic participant.

Bus Simulator mod android

The fastidious passengers

In addition to driving from point A to point B in the safest way, you must also meet the basic needs of customers as a public transport service. After each drop, guests will leave feedback on you depending on your performance. These reviews are social and extremely practical. Usually, you only comment something to the people around you as well as rarely public it. However, at the Bus Simulator: Ultimate, every Negative or Positive are all posted in detail. Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable with them but you should look you back first.

To be able to win good reviews, you need to improve your driving skills, give passengers a good service and absolutely do not violate traffic laws. Also, some functions on the bus can satisfy customers such as turning on the radio, upgrading the interior, drop passengers at the right places… There are up to 250 radio channels for you to choose from. Moreover, you can improve your listening skills through this game.

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Drive on many different routes

Your workplace in many countries around the world: Italy, Germany, Turkey, France… However, when you first join the game, you can only drive on two main roads. In order to expand the area, players need to work hard, earn money from difficult customers to unlock new routes. However, you have to spend money reasonably because the fee for working abroad is not cheap, especially in developed countries.

The graphics and sound

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an upgrade of Truck Simulator 2018: Europe both in terms of gameplay and graphics. The game provides a beautiful, realistic 3D background. In the game, the route takes place in the major cities of the world, simulating the same to every detail. Besides, the day and night effects and varied weather give you the same experience as real-life driving.

In addition, the game sound effects are extremely lively and attractive. They are the sound of car engines, passengers’ voices and radio, which are all extremely authentic.

Bus Simulator android mod


Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a great game, which promotes traffic safety and working behaviour. Also, it will teach you a lot about driving rules. Although it is impossible to bring excitement like street racing games, this game still ensures entertainment with the education feature and authentic living experience. Please access a link below to download Bus Simulator: Ultimate for free. In addition, you can choose the MOD version of the game (Unlimited Money) or the original APK. Thanks and have fun!

New update:
– Ultimate League major bug fixes.
– New bus terminals added.
– Bug fixes.

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