Cashflow APK (MOD Paid) v1064

PublisherTorn Screen Entertainment,Inc.
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1064
RequireAndroid 4.0+
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СASHFLOW is the No. 1 financial education game from Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the series “Teaching Children to Grow Rich”. The game has contributed to changing the financial thinking of millions of people. Besides, it helps them become as rich as financial freedom. Please join us to check Cashflow for the mobile version right now!


Installing on mobile devices

Install on Google Play

The steps to download СASHFLOW on Google Play are very simple. You only need to install and pay $ 1.29 to be able to experience this game. You can pay via visa, Google Play account… and many other forms.

Install on

On our website, we provide you with the free download link СASHFLOW APK. You just need to click the download file and install it as usual.

Note: you should return to our site regularly to update the new version.

Cashflow mod apk download

The instruction for playing СASHFLOW APK (MOD, Paid)

Activate Cashflow mobile version

To activate Cashflow on your phone, players simply press the “Cashflow” icon on the screen. After that, the app window will quickly appear. Please note the specific meaning of each symbol as follows:

The game interface will appear Menu as follows:

  • New Game: Start a new game (applies to new players)
  • Records: Displays the achievements of previous games
  • TUTORIAL: Instructions for playing Cashflow
  • Rate: will lead to a website that helps you show your game rating
  • About: A brief introduction of Cashflow mobile version.

Start playing Game Cashflow mobile version

Similar to the paper and online version of Cashflow, the mobile version also simulates a person’s real life from the beginning of school, work… until retirement. So at the beginning of the game, you will choose your career with the salary as well as the corresponding costs. It is quite simple. After finishing, you click “Start Game” to start.

Cashflow mod apk gameplay

Common situations when playing Game Cashflow APK (MOD, Paid)

For each game, you need to press the blue square button and have a white triangle inside. After starting to play, there will be some basic situations that you may encounter similar in the paper or online game Cashflow Game:

  • Business: Your business opportunity
  • Market: The market where your purchases are taking place
  • Job: This is the unemployment box, which is also the search box for other career opportunities for you.
  • Casual Expenses: The unexpected expenses in your daily operations. You can manage it in detail because it will sometimes cause a lot of trouble for you. For payments, you can choose to pay in cash or credit card.
  • Children: This is a pretty interesting part. When you have a stable job, a reasonable salary, you can guarantee the extra costs. You should think about getting married and having children. Note: only when you are ready and when you give birth, the costs will increase.
  • Charity: When you are rich, you want your index to increase, go to charity. Also, it is a way to help your career goes up.

Cashflow mod apk content download

Compare Game Cashflow APK (MOD Paid) with the original version

Particularly with Game Cashflow for the mobile version, you can easily win because the difficulty level is not high. With this version, only the “Rate Race” circle does not have the “Fast Track” as in the other versions.

Specifically, during the game, you will have to experience the feeling of working to pay debts, credits, extra expenses when having children, fears of unemployment, investment decisions, buying and selling assets on the market. Of course, you will get out of this circle when you have financial freedom.

Although Game Cashflow mobile version is quite simple, it will help you a lot in initially forming the thinking, money management skills to gradually achieve financial freedom.

Cashflow mod apk key download


Some players asked, “Can I apply Cashflow in real life?”. The answer is absolute Yes. Cashflow has features such as occupation, salaries, extra expenses, which are quite similar to real life. You can rely on the game to prepare them. But the development process in the game is much simpler in real life so you cannot apply it all. Overall, Cashflow is a multi-platform game, which helps you manage your finances and spend well. Gamers can have the knowledge for the future. Readers can download Cashflow (MOD, Paid) for the best gaming experience.

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