City Island 5 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.13.3

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  • June 1, 2020
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New update:


  • You just focus on enjoying the game
  • We’ll continue to improve your experience


  •  Made a lot of small visual improvements.


  • You can skip the Fortune Spinner by tapping. Handy for when you have a lot of tokens to spend 😉


  • Valentine’s Day Event: assist cupid with spreading the love during this special holidays event 🙂
  • Updated the look of the Fortune Spinner.
  • Added a color scheme to the label that indicates a building’s level.

City Island 5 is a great city-building game from Sparkling Society developer. This is the sequel to the famous City Island 4 with over 30 million downloads. In the game, you will play the role of a mayor of a small town on a pristine island. Of course, your job is to build and develop your town into a paradise. Besides, you can send your balloon to explore new islands to expand your private land. It would be the best experience when you have a great island. Let’s check the game right now!

City Island 5 apk

Develop the city

In many popular city-building games like Dream Town Story or even Little Big City 2, you only have to manage one city. However, in City Island 5, you will own more cities on the islands. More specifically, each island has different themes and characteristics. They are in the clouds and waiting for you to find them. Depending on the topography and characteristics of each island, you can build different cities. Also, you can visit the neighbour cities or invite them to visit your city. With a large number of players, the size of the cities will be very large.

Because each building has unique construction features, it requires a lot of creativity. However, you can visit your neighbour’s city to learn and help each other. That is the great interactivity in the game. You will have more useful knowledge about your city development.

City Island 5 apk mod develop

Build your dream city

To build your dream city, you will be very busy with lots of tasks to do. Specifically, there will be many events that you have to complete to receive money. With over 200 buildings and 9 different islands, it will take you a lot of time for building a great city. Each building must be upgraded and placed on different terrains. After completing the mission, you will receive a treasure chest with many useful items. In particular, you may receive money and experience points to level up and upgrade your city. Moreover, you can unlock buildings and upgrade them more.

More specifically, you will own many modern buildings and bring a lot of profits like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, etc. In particular, you can enjoy many mini games in each building. Cities with many private buildings will become modern cities. Besides, you can explore many islands. However, building in City Island 5 is a long process. It’s not easy to turn a wildland into a busy city.

City Island 5 apk mod

The highlights of the game

City Island 5 is the most popular new mobile city building game. It makes you really busy but very passionate about building the city. Its features are also very diverse with many missions, exploration, collecting and upgrading activities. In addition, when completing the mission, you will receive rewards and attractive treasures. Also, the game provides you with diverse cities and islands collection, which will make you always interesting.

Besides, the game has bright and gentle graphics that are very suitable for relaxing. With fresh colours, vivid scenes make you feel like you are controlling the city in real life. Also, the sound is quite fun very suitable for the bustling life in the city. In each island, there is different background music. Moreover, the game size is very small, which is about 80MB. You can even play the game offline.

City Island 5 apk mod hightlights


City Island 5 is a great game, which promises to be more successful than previous versions. Because it simply stands out with many new advanced features, unique gameplay and attractive graphics. Readers can download City Island 5 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) in this article for more interesting features. Thanks and have fun!

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