Civilization VI MOD APK (Full Version) v1.2.0

Full NameCivilization VI - Build A City | Strategy 4X Game
PublisherAspyr Media, Inc.
Mod FeaturesFull Version
Latest Version1.2.0
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After 2 years of existing on IOS only, Civilization VI has just been available on Android with many unique features. Specifically, in August – after a lot of delays, the game developer and publisher Aspyr Media, Inc of the US, launched Civilization VI on Android. This will be the first free-to-play strategy game from this developer. However, to get the full version, you have to pay. In the beginning, players will get the first 60 levels for free. After that, gamers have to pay $ 19.99 to unlock the entire game. Also, it allows multiplayer support with other iOS and Android devices.

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Civilization VI mod full version download

About Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the sequel version in the popular strategy game series Sid Meier “Civilization”, which is from the developer Aspyr Media. The game first debuted on Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2016. Then, it set foot on other gaming platforms like Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even later iOS. Until August 14, 2020, Civilization VI was officially available on Android through Google Play.

Civilization VI gameplay free download

The game content

Similar to other Civilization games, the player will become a leader and use all of his diplomatic skills to help the country develop, using tactical thinking to expand the territory through Conquests and influence other neighboring states. To win the game, you have to fulfill some criteria, such as military domination, technological superiority, or cultural influence.

Besides, players can exploit resources, build cities, improve buildings, deploy troops, research new technologies, and participate in negotiations with other country leaders. Since its launch in 2016, Civilization VI has been famous for its intensity and ability to force players to strategize on their feet.

Civilization VI apk free download

Huge workload

Because gamers have to develop a primitive region, the head of state becomes a powerhouse, so there is a lot of work. However, you do not find it difficult to play or lose control. On the contrary, the game will carefully guide you every step, making gamers very quick to master this game. However, you should not be subjective because the illustrations will make a big impact on your country. Floods, storms and volcanoes are the main facts to slow down your development. So, please pay attention to these issues.

In addition to build the country, you can also explore the world, create your own cities, deploy armies to attack and defend from others, research new technologies and culture.

Civilization VI mod apk free download

The MOD feature

Full version: Although the game is free to play, you need to pay to own the full version. In which, the game provides more advanced features, including a full world map, advanced building features, vehicles like ships, boats, planes… If you are having problems with payment, you can download Civilization VI MOD APK (Full Version) for free at the link below.

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