Good Job Games is a manufacturer of many famous games with simple but interesting gameplay. Their recent games have achieved a lot of success such as Run Race 3D, Color Fill 3D… Today, would like to introduce to you the game Color Saw 3D, which is in the series of games about colourful squares. Color Saw 3D APK is designed in pixel style with simple gameplay. By touching the screen, gamers can break and shape other blocks. You will challenge your fingers through countless levels and lots of colourful blocks, playing and entertaining for hours with your friends.

Color Saw 3D APK MOD

Simple gameplay

It can be said that what leads to the success of Good Job Games is the gameplay. It is not too picky but has never made players feel bored. In the game, your main task is to shape your raw blocks into various shapes with all kinds of tools. It sounds a bit abstract. Actually, all you have to do is shape blocks of different colours with the rest of the squares that are usually smaller and take up a very small space. After that, you need to destroy a large block to retain the shaped block. You will win if you retain a small block after you have destroyed all the large outer block. Otherwise, you will lose if the small block touches the saw blade or another obstacle.

Color Saw 3D APK MOD gameplay

Obstacle system

The game’s gameplay is quite simple so the most special and valuable thing is the obstacle system. It has many levels with increasing difficulty. In the early levels, you will encounter simple obstacles such as single sawing. However, the higher the level is, the more complicated obstacles you will face. They can be put around the screen. At this point, you have an additional task of avoiding the saw blades that may touch and destroy small blocks. In addition to the saw blades, you will encounter obstacles such as blades, hammers… All of them are very unpredictable, so you should be very careful.

Interface and design

Color Saw 3D APK is designed with pixel graphics, combined with diverse and colourful blocks. In addition, the arrangement of obstacles is very unpredictable, which is also one of the highlights of the game. Besides, the game also has an extremely simple interface without complicated settings or difficult features. Everything that appears on the screen makes the game experience easy.

Color Saw 3D apk mod challenger


Color Saw 3D APK is a great game. It makes the game popular with simple but interesting gameplay, beautiful graphics, intuitive interface and creative obstacles. Many players have conquered the game’s record points. You are ready to start and show your ability to break the record. In this article, readers can download Color Saw 3D APK MOD (Unlocked) for more advanced features. Hope you have great gaming moment with! Thanks and have fun!

New updates:
  • New Boss Levels!
  • Bug Fixes & Improvements!

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