Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS v1.30.0.f1674 MOD APK for Android

Full NameCritical Ops: Multiplayer FPS
PublisherCritical Force Ltd.
Mod FeaturesYes
Latest Version1.30.0.f1674
RequireAndroid 4.2+
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If you have ever dreamed of becoming a member of the commando team, will help your dreams come true. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great game named Critical Ops from Critical Force, which is one of the best-selling shooting games on the mobile gaming market. The game is quite similar to the classic shooting game on PC Counter-Strike. Although Critical Ops is extremely attractive, it requires high capacity and configuration. So Critical Ops: Reloaded was born to solve this problem. Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS is the latest version of the Critical Ops series. This is a version specifically for all devices, including low-end devices.

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The unique gameplay

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS retains the classic features of a first-person shooter gameplay, not following the trend of modern games. Besides, there are not many modes, no new guns or no outstanding graphics. However, that is an interesting feature of this game. Critical Ops: Reloaded reminds us of Counter-Strike – the legendary shooting game on PC. That day, my friends and I often played together for fun. The outcome is not important. Therefore, the game is suitable for those looking for an entertaining game.

In addition, the game does not distinguish between rich and poor. Unlike other games that the more equipment and money will be stronger, Critical Ops bring fairness and a relaxing but intensive gaming experience. For each game screen, you can choose any gun you want. Therefore, the most important factor that helps you win this game is your shooting skills, tactics and teamwork.

Critical Ops : reloaded apk gameplay

The diverse weapons system

The weapon system of the game is very diverse. You can choose many different types of guns, suitable for different strategies. If gamers like a powerful gun, a Shotgun is what you are looking for. You should choose the AWM if you like one shot. If you prefer a multi-bullet gun to cover your teammates, and M249 is not a bad choice.

In addition to the main weapon, Critical Ops has many other pistols. Also, you can equip 3 different types of bombs including:

  • Flashbang: to stun enemies that are suitable for ambushes.
  • Smoke: Smoke bombs will reduce the visibility of the enemy, suitable for many different tactics.
  • Exploding bombs: dealing intense damage.

Critical Ops; reloaded apk weapons

The game modes

Currently, Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS has two main modes including Bomb and Deathmatch. In any shooting game, Bombing is always one of the most interesting game modes. If you are on the anti-terrorist side, you can stop the terrorists from detonating the bomb and destroying the city. Besides, you can use your skills, destroy all enemies on the other side of the battle line for climbing to a very high position on the global rankings. In addition, you can also invite your friends, form a good team and compete with other teams.

This game is very attractive. However, in the Ranking mode, there are many poorly conscious players. They often perform AFK or trolling acts, seriously affecting other players. Hopefully, the game has more penalties for these cases.

The graphics

Although the game’s graphics are not equal to the leading games on the market, it is also quite quality. I have no criticism. If I can do better, the game is much more attractive. You will be visiting a lot of different cities through the game playing process. Besides, the flexible 360-degree rotating camera makes it easier to control the character. Also, the game’s control system is intuitive that makes it easier to control your character and gets the relaxing controlling experience. In addition, you will be surprised by the sound effects in the game, which is very lively and exciting.

Critical Ops ; reloaded apk graphics


If you are looking for a classic FPS game with good enough graphics and many interesting features that can even run smoothly on the low-end, Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS is a perfect choice for you. This game is full of elements to become a top game on the market. In this article, we provide you with Critical Ops for the powerful configuration and Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS for the weak configuration on the download link below. In addition, there are additional MOD (Bullets) features for both versions. Hope you have a great gaming experience!

New updates:

Cross-Team Chat Disabled For Ranked Defuse
Mute Other Players Via The Player Profile
Player Profile Data is hidden During ongoing Ranked Matches
Improved report system to prevent report abusing
New skins and animations for AR-15

NEW EVENT: Winterfest coming soon

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