Cyber Hunter Lite APK v0.100.331

Full NameCyber Hunter Lite
PublisherNetEase Games
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version0.100.331
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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Cyber Hunter Lite is a shortcut version of the famous game Battle Royale for older mobile devices, which has been removed from Google Play for unknown reasons. However, Cyber Hunter Lite is only half the size of the original Cyber Hunter. However, Cyber Hunter Lite still has all the same features as the original version. The Lite version and the regular version share the same character data, maps, even the features. At the moment, the original version of Cyber Hunter is not available on Google Play for unknown reasons. Therefore, Cyber Hunter Lite becomes a perfect replacement for those who love this game. Please join us to find it out right now!

Cyber Hunter Lite apk mod download


The game content

Cyber Hunter is a new generation of competitive Battle Royale mobile games where your goal is to be the last survivor in a battle with hundreds of players. Also, the game contains many exciting gameplay elements such as survival, shooting, exploration, skills, even parkour for you to fight on any terrain. Besides, players can climb on almost any surface, bringing a complete gaming experience. According to many reviewers, Cyber Hunter is more like Fortnite than PUBG Mobile.

The game background

Cyber Hunter Lite is set in our future world. After the technology of communication between the brain and computer has become very advanced, human civilization has been at a different level of evolution. Also, many big events began. In which, the justice fights against evil, the old against the new and the conservative forces confront radicalism.

Moreover, all heroes have a superpower, through the help of quantum droid – the ability to transform quantum mass into any tactical support device they need. We can mention many high-end technologies such as Optical Camouflage,

Quantum Barriers, detectors that warn you about approaching enemies, healing medical equipment for teammates… Players can create anything they want.

Cyber Hunter Lite apk download

The gameplay

In games, your goal is to be the last survivor of the battle where you face hundreds of different opponents. Also, you have to try your best to overcome the remaining players at all costs. Fortunately, there’s an island full of weapons and equipment to help you do this.

Like any other Battle Royale game, there are solo, dual or 4-person modes for you to choose from. In games, players can build different structures like walls, stairs, floors and more. Also, all of these actions take place in the future context, which is very common as in other games of the developer NetEase, at least aesthetically.

Cyber Hunter Lite apk download

Control system

The game’s control system is as usual in this category though Cyber Hunter Lite looks more like Fortnite than PUBG Mobile. One of the main advantages of this game is the concept of fighting in any terrain. It allows you to climb on almost any surface, and perform parkour skill.


Cyber Hunter Lite is a great Battle Royale game. It was redesigned to bring the original game experience to low-end devices. This is a perfect title for everyone to enjoy the fun easier. In this article, we would like to bring the APK version of the game, Cyber Hunter Lite APK. It will provide you with more advancedfeatures than the original version. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:

Chaos Arrives at S10 Season—Havoc League
Be a cyborg mercenary at the city of night! Havoc League, the new season is launched with new season pass background. The secrets of Havoc League is waiting for wanderers to discover! Complete the season pass quests and get special Wukong and Nezha theme Fashions, and special rewards like Wukong theme Avatar.
New Faction Map Debut—Sky Garden

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