Death Road to Canada APK (MOD,Unlimited Money) v1.5.0

Death Road to Canada is an action RPG from the developer Rocketcat LLC and Madgarden. It has humorous content and a unique zombie design. In the game, players can control a group and fight against zombie hordes. The ultimate goal is to survive and find a way to Canada paradise. Although taking the theme of zombies full of horror and horror, Death Road to Canada is highly appreciated for its humanities and survival features. Despite being designed for a long time, Death Road to Canada has revived and is becoming a pretty hot game. Currently, it has had a large number of downloads on Google Play.

With such a good game with many great features, its price is not cheap at all. At the moment, Death Road to Canada is available on both Android and iOS platforms for more than $10. What an unbelievable price for a mobile game. However, you can download Death Road to Canada for free at the end of this article. Please join us to check the game right now!

Death Road to Canada mod apk download


Classic pixel graphics

Why are graphics but not gameplay first? Many of you are probably wondering why we mention the graphics first but not gameplay. It is because it is the most attractive point in this zombie game. Although the game has only a pixel graphics background with a fairly classic design style, Death Road to Canada has a high level of detail compared to many other pixel graphics games. It is well invested, making use of lighting effects, creating atmosphere and emotions for the player. We quite like the level of diversity, in which the developer allows players to create their characters. Besides, the zombies are in very good appearance and authentic operations. However, their look is not different from each other. Besides, the game is running smoothly. It rarely drops frames when the screen appears many characters.

Death Road to Canada mod apk pixel download

Special gameplay

Death Road to Canada uses storytelling with countless letters. They appear much on the screen. Players read and make choices to develop the content. Although the decisions are simple, they often make you feel guilty. Those are always never easy options. Notably, everything in the game is randomly generated by its algorithm. Therefore, the experience never overlaps and has high replay value.

It means that the survival sections are the main parts of the gameplay. Gamers will have to pick up and store weapons at the stops along the way. At this point, you can think of Day Z – a very attractive survival game on PC. Besides, players have to find food, character medicine, and gasoline for cars. They aren’t much different from Bohemia Interactive’s games. Not having a car or running out of gas would make you depressed, making the characters even worse. Moreover, the more characters use food and medicine, the more problems arise.

Death Road to Canada mod apk gameplay download

Other survival skills of the character

In addition to eating too much that makes me very angry, the characters also have a system to develop survival skills in real life. These skills greatly affect the events taking place in the game, even causing the companion to betray you. Moreover, environmental factors or emotions of the characters also greatly affect their fighting ability and will to survive. This is something you have to keep in mind if you don’t want to suffer unintended consequences.

Control system

Overall, the gameplay of Death Road to Canada is quite appealing. However, the biggest problem of the game lies in the control mechanism when exploring the screen and finding reserves. The player controls the character by dragging his thumb in the lower-left corner of the screen. To interact, you can click on the hand icon in the bottom right corner. Another touch button lets you switch to a long-range weapon, such as a gun and attack with melee weapons. Gamers just need to tap anywhere on the right half of the screen.

Besides, the virtual analog stick does not show up on the screen, so we tend to push our thumb towards the middle of the screen to block the view. Also, characters often have to face the direction of the attack, but it is difficult to change this direction in case you are suddenly attacked behind, especially during “Siege” events. It has caused me to die up and down many times. Therefore, it makes me angry.

Death Road to Canada mod apk controls download


Overall, Death Road to Canada is a good game, with realistic survival gameplay, unique graphics system, diverse features and intuitive interaction between characters. It is not difficult for you to get acquainted with Death Road to Canada. At the moment, it is a paid game on Google Play. If you have payment problems, please download Death Road to Canada APK (MOD,Unlimited Money) in this article. Have a fun game!

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