Defender Legends: New Era APK v1.0.037

New update:

1. New: Hero comment, illustration interface, the lower left corner-comment, enter.
2. New: Animation effects for various activities.
3. Adjustment:: The adjustment of Email page UI.
4. Adjustment:: Shrine of Heroes, Hero Blend adjustment.
5. Adjustment: High Star Hero Replacement Adjustment.
6. Optimize: Equipment enhancements, can consume different materials.
7. Optimize: Sign in, add a check-box to collect the icon
8. Optimize: World tree, sliding optimization

Defender Legends: New Era APK is a new role-playing game, which was released for free on Google Play. This game has simple, fast gameplay but still ensures intensive content and story. Besides, Defender Legends: New Era APK is also designed with vivid graphics and beautiful action effects. Now, Please, together with MODGAMEAPK.NET, find out the highlights of the game!

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The game content

In the world of Defender Legends: New Era APK, evil forces were searching for the energy core of World Tree in Azure Dragon City. Only you can save this city from danger. In the game, your mission is to recruit heroes and form a team to fight against the dark forces and join millions of players on mysterious adventures. You will be involved in hundreds of exciting battles, increase production, train heroes.

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The gameplay

Since this is an idle game, players only need to coordinate to make a complete and appropriate squad. After that, they will automatically fight, even when you are offline. Besides, gamers can buy or hunt epic items even if you do not watch the operating time. Although almost entirely entrusted, Defender Legends players will not get bored. Like the traditional card role-playing games, the content is extremely rich and unique. When time is available, players will still be able to experience and test their abilities through the Dream Tower, The Divine Challenge, the Arena and many Guild activities.

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The key features

Extremely idle game

• Take your hero army to the battlefield. They will automatically fight.

• Buy epic equipment and legendary heroes by waiting in the game.

• Receive many great rewards, even when you are offline.

You will be like a general who dominates a mighty army

• Recruit an army of 200 heroes from 5 different races. Each of them has unique skills.

• Collect high-quality equipment to upgrade and develop your hero.

• Use good tactics and experience the endless fight in Defender Legends: New Era APK

Lots of rich and diverse content

• Fighting, collecting equipment, developing heroes… There are also many other diverse activities.

• Fight in Tower of the Dream, Region Challenge, Arena and Guild modes.

• Great content is waiting for you to discover.

Join the clan

• You will challenge the powerful guild boss in dramatic battles.

• Join competitions with other guilds to gain ownership of the land of Skyland.

• Form a party with other players and become a legend of Defender Legends: New Era APK

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In general, Defender Legends: New Era APK is developed following the trend of simple idle games. It will make players have a sense of accomplishment without having to stress as much or spend a lot like the time to play or recharge cards like pay-to-win games on the market. Readers can download Defender Legends: New Era APK and enter the exciting battle right now!

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