Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)_v10.0.2

Full NameDisney Frozen Free Fall
PublisherJam City, Inc
Mod FeaturesNo
Latest Version10.0.2
RequireAndroid 4.2+
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Frozen Free Fall is a new mobile game for those who love the famous Disney movie – Frozen. So far, it has become a gaming trend in the community, especially young people. In the game, players will conquer each level and try to get 3 stars and pass the level as quickly as possible. Besides, Frozen Free Fall has similar gameplay to other Match-3 puzzle games. However, to be able to complete the levels and achieve 3 stars in this game is not simple. In this article, MODGAMEAPK.NET will bring you useful tips to be able to win this game more easily. Please join us to find out more about it below!

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The game content

Frozen Free Fall MOD APK is a mobile game for gamers of all ages. It has the character collection as in the movie with the same match-3 puzzle gameplay. Also, the game has 465 unique levels with different layout and goals for gamers to play. In which, you have to complete diverse tasks, such as reaching the required score before the end of the move, collecting special items, removing ice, etc. During the game, players can join familiar characters like Anna, Elsa on the journey of sliding and combining 120 exciting ice cubes.

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Interesting items

Frozen Free Fall MOD APK has a lot of interesting items for you to collect to strengthen the character. In which, gamers can use Anna’s torch to burn an entire row of Elsa’s ice crystals or glaciers so the blocks of the same color will disappear from the board. Also, you can try Hans’s sword to cut all crystals, as well as discover other interesting power-up items.

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Tips for players to win Frozen Free Fall MOD APK

Initially, to be able to easily arrange the following parts of the game, you should start to see the bottom of the game screen. When entering the game, you can look to see if we can start to break down 4 or 5-piece combo blocks. Starting from the bottom will give you more opportunities to make combos on both the bottom and top.

After that, you try to arrange the pieces into a combo 4 and get special pieces. They will help you eat more pieces later on. Besides, gamers should try to remove many pieces. It is really time to start using special pieces. However, you should always remember that what you need for passing a level is not the special pieces. They will not be valuable if you do not complete the level. Instead, you should always keep track of the moving process and your level requirements.

Moreover, players have to try to save the Boots item and use it when really needed. Although they are very useful, they are also very expensive. Besides, gamers can try to use special pieces or snowflakes to solve them. This is one of the very important tips of Frozen Free Fall MOD APK. Don’t be too hurry in leveling up though you can achieve it easily. Instead, you should try to calculate to gain bigger rewards, and do not waste the rewards when blown up by the pieces. You should calculate the moves to collect rewards and complete the level at the last move.

Besides, one of the most frustrating things for gamers is when they are playing and want to replay any levels. At this time, the life run out, and they have to wait for it to recover. Don’t worry, you can earn your life and keep playing games without interruption by changing the time in the phone setting. Gamers can simply change the date to the next day. After that, you will have more lives to be able to continue conquering the levels.

In addition to the tips above, players can also gradually get experience and tips after a long time playing the game. We have just shared with you a little more about the tips for you to conquer the game and get 3 stars to collect more awards and support for the next level. At this point, you do not think this wasting your time because it can help you gain more experience and prizes for the next round.

Frozen Free Fall mod apk download

The MOD feature

In this article, we bring you the modified version of the game, which is Frozen Free Fall game APK MOD. It will provide you with unlimited Lives. Now, you can play the game without worrying about the number of life. Readers can download the APK file at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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