Downwell APK MOD (Full Version) v1.1.1

Full NameDownwell
Mod FeaturesFull Version
Latest Version1.1.1
RequireAndroid 4.1+
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It can be said that pixel-style games often bring players a very gentle and comfortable feeling. We can mention many interesting games such as Minecraft, Pixel Gun 3D… Today, would like to introduce to you a great game with extremely new gameplay, which is Downwell MOD APK. This game is designed in pixel style on vertical screens. At the moment it is available on Google Play. Let’s find it out right now!

Downwell apk


The game content

Downwell is a unique adventure game with a unique main character -a boy who jumped into a well to find treasures. The only thing that protects the character is Gunboots shoes. Players will perform the stages of “free fall” and use Gunboots to fight monsters, find secret treasures and other good things.

As we mentioned, the game offers a very interesting and novel experience by showing the adventure style on the vertical screen instead of the horizontal screen as usual. In addition to the fighting scenes, players can buy additional weapons and upgrades them to make their characters stronger. In particular, the game is designed with roguelike screen so the algorithms are random, making the game always new.

Downwell apk CONTENT

Control mechanism

Downwell APK provides a travel experience with a unique control mechanism. The game is designed exclusively for mobile phones. It has an intuitive and elegant control system, allowing players to experience this action game with just 3 buttons. However, the downside of the mobile version is that it does not support the handheld device, so you will take a little time to get used to the control. This is also a long-term problem of mobile action games, but the developer has set up good touch controls for an action experience.

Downwell APK controls

Weapon system and equipment

In addition to the unique gameplay and controls, players will receive different weapons, buy special items and receive powerful upgrades. The weapon system will include guns, swords, sticks and more. Besides, some items can increase the resistance or increase attack power for the character. All will affect your gameplay so you should try to collect and upgrade a lot.

Downwell apk weapons

Familiar pixel graphics

The impressive point of the Pixel games in general or Downwell APK is the cube design. But Downwell APK is different from pixel titles when this game has a black background. Besides, characters, monsters and obstacles will stand out with white or red. Many people will comment that this game has dark graphics, which is not suitable for fun and entertainment. However, this combination will make a difference and personalities.

Downwell apk graphics


In general, Downwell gives players a fun, highly entertaining gameplay along with a lot of creative challenges. It requires you to have good reflexes. If you love the simplicity and classic, Downwell will be a fascinating experience for you. Currently, Downwell ẠPK is available on Play Store for $ 2.49. But we offer you the free version of Downwell APK in this article. You just download the APK file and install easily. With this APK version, you will have more advanced features than in the original version. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now! Thanks and have fun!

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