Draw Duel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.0.4

Draw Duel MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very cool action simulator game from the developer Lion Studios. It has innovative and quite new action gameplay. In the game, players will be engaged in battles, fight against the strongest opponents, where your intelligence and creativity are maximized. Please join us to find out more about Draw Duel right now!


New fighting style

We thought that drawing was an art, which couldn’t be combined with sports or martial arts. However, Draw Duel gives people a different point. It is a great combination of drawing, sport, and martial art, which will bring you a new and more interesting look. In Draw Duel, players will draw to simulate combat techniques. Your character will perform the corresponding moves to deal damage to the opponent.

Draw Duel MOD APK gameaply

Diverse levels

In Draw Duel MOD APK, each level usually comes with multiple games. Initially, there are one, two, or three levels. Afterward, it can be increased to five, six or even dozens of levels. The higher the level is, the bigger the challenges you encounter, as well as the longer it lasts and the harder it gets. To attack the opponent, you can draw a critical line that stabs your opponent’s heart. Also, players can draw a perfect curve to block the attack from the opponent. The higher you go, the more techniques you will learn.

During the fight, some opponents will give special challenges. If you accept, you will enter a new war. At this point, you have a chance to get a lot of bonuses if you win.

Draw Duel MOD APK skill

Character upgrade

Players can use the money to upgrade your character’s defense and attack stats. There are 3 main stats in the game, consisting of strength, health and bonus ratio.

• First, the strength will give you many attack points, which can limit the enemy easily if you focus on upgrading it.

• Second, health is also very important, which helps you stay longer on the battlefield. Also, gamers do not need to stop the game early and play again from where so please pay attention to this stat.

• Finally the bonus ratio: If you upgrade this stat you will get more bonuses after each match. This is beneficial for you to upgrade the remaining 2 stats.

Draw Duel MOD APK character

Select items and weapons

When you pass a certain number of levels, you will receive an item chest. They contain many items that increase health, disrupting enemy lines of defense. However, the chest only appears once or twice per level depending on the nature of the battle. Please consider choosing items to match your next match.

Currently, Draw Duel has about 14 different weapons such as swords, hammers, saws… Each of them has different ways of using it. However, you cannot open the weapon with money. Therefore, players have to fight a lot, increase experience, speed up the process of unlocking them.

Draw Duel MOD APK weapons

The MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The more money you spend, the more money you earn.

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