Full NameDungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG
Mod FeaturesUnlimited money/Hack Menu
Latest Version1.8.5
RequireAndroid 5.0+
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Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Hack Menu) is an idle role-playing game with a unique gameplay and beautiful graphics system. In the game, you will play the role of a hero fighting against the monsters. When you die, you will go back and do very interesting quests.

Dungeon Knight 3D Idle RPG apk mod download

Learn about Idle games

Idle games have been popular for a long time thanks to their simple gameplay. Specifically, you don’t need to do many actions at the same time. This game genre is suitable for busy people, who do not have much time to play but still want to enjoy the feeling of promotion or overcome a certain challenge.

In the market today, there are many outstanding idle games, such as Idle Digging Tycoon, Idle Miner Tycoon… They all have pretty good storylines and gameplay. But one downside of this genre is that they have not been thoroughly invested in terms of the graphics. Most of the above games have monotonous 2D graphics systems, in which the visual details are not paid much attention.

At this point, Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG is a major turning point in the Idle series. It is a combination of action gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics and an interesting storyline. That’s what the previous idle games do not have.

Dungeon Knight 3D Idle RPG apk download


The gameplay of Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG

This is an action role-playing game, in which a brave warrior fights monsters in the past. According to the storyline, the main character died because of a monster. However, instead of being sent into eternity, he was sent back three years ago. After deciding to make good use of this time, he will begin a new fight against the invaders, apply his existing skills and experience, and master new skills. The knowledge not only helps defeat monsters, but also all kinds of weapon combinations that make the character more powerful.

Also, everything happens automatically. So, your job is simply to watch the characters act and come up with upgrade directions to match the challenges ahead. The higher the level is, the more difficult the challenge will be. At this point, players have to constantly upgrade their characters. You can even make friends and ask for their help destroying monsters.

Dungeon Knight 3D Idle RPG gameplay download

Two control modes

Despite being an Idle game, Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG still allows players to control their characters to fight thanks to the moving and skill keys on the screen like RPG games on mobile today. From that, gamers have more options, avoiding boredom when looking at the screen.

Besides, the game allows you to interact with other players through the chat feature. You can also try to fight with gamers around the world with the ranking Arena.

Dungeon Knight 3D Idle RPG download mod apk

Beautiful 3D graphics system

Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG gets a lot of attention in its use of the 3D graphics system. Specifically, the images are designed in a chibi style, making the actions smoother. In particular, the game also supports different frames, including 30 FPS, 60 FPS, or even 120 FPS depending on the frequency of your phone’s screen scanning. Thereby, players will enjoy the smoothest fighting feeling that few Idle games can do

Dungeon Knight 3D Idle RPG download apk

The MOD features

– Unlimited money

– Hack Menu

– 100% critical damage

– Speed Attack


It can be said that Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG is an interesting game with the most outstanding gameplay and graphics. With the difference compared to the rest, this game is more and more popular in the gaming market. Readers can download Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Hack Menu) at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New updates:
1. Added “Wing Transcendence”
2. Increase daily rewards
3. Added new weekly limited package.
4. Fixed minor bugs

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