Durango: Wild Lands v4.8.0 APK MOD (Unlocked)

After more than 2 years of the first information about the Durango project: Wild Lands, NPH Nexon has decided to release an international version in the middle of May 2019. Previously, Durango: Wild Lands passed through a lot of tests as well as released in Korea. So Durango: Wild Lands can be said as one of the most long-term development game. In return, this is a survival game that is highly appreciated by the gaming community due to intensive gameplay and a lot of exciting community interacting features.

Durango Wild Lands apk


The story

The game begins with a scene on an accident train, in which all passengers on board were taken to an ancient world called Durango. Here, people have to forget their lives in the modern world and try their best for surviving.

The gameplay

With the context of a wild world of ancient prehistoric times, players will play as people who are living and doing everything to survive. In the game, your task is to explore unknown lands, confront many different species of terrorists and build a new civilization.

In addition, gamers will start the game with 16 characters and 11 key skills to support survival. Each player will have a separate task in the game. 11 key skills are divided into categories including Building houses, survival instincts, gathering, making weapons, melee, archers, defences, harvesting corpses, cooking, making clothes and growing crops. Players can learn all these abilities.

Durango Wild Lands gameapk

The highlights of Durango: Wild Lands v4.5.0+1907151142 for Android

The game world

Durango has a wide open-world space, which is constantly developing to help players always learn and exploit the potential of the game such as making materials, cooking, farming, sewing, gathering and even domesticated wild dinosaurs for a prosperous civilization. With Durango, you will feel like you are playing a hardcore PC game on mobile.

Durango Wild Lands mod game

Attractive tasks

In addition, Durango: Wild Lands has a lot of interesting things depending on your character. There are many quests or items that need you to craft, which will make you really serious to learn. Materials in Durango: Wild Lands also requires players to have certain knowledge. Besides, Durango: Wild Lands also has a lot of interesting tasks like building bases, making weapons, hunting dinosaurs, joining battles between clans and connecting players around the world to create a large community. The game is really big in this survival-sandbox game genre.

The simple control system

The combat control mode is started with the left joystick scroll key and the right skills for attacking. There is also an automatic battle mode for hands-free mode. Based on the equipped weapon and the skills you have chosen, it will come with its own way of fighting.

Durango Wild Lands game mod

Online MMO feature

MMO Online is a great feature that allows you to create clans, collaborate partnerships and establish large villages. Besides, you can play online and compete against other players from different races for hunting big dinosaurs in Raid Island and taking part in PvP battles or clan war. Moreover, gamers can discover and conquer the Savage islands to collect more resources and fight against the enemy to rule the world.

The graphics and sound

In Durango: Wild Lands, graphics are developed very authentically. In which, the scene has dark hardcore colours. The texture is designed to be simple, dominant in black and white. The number of animals, as well as the dinosaurs, is very large and diverse with many sizes and colours. You can win and ride all kinds of animals in the game.

In addition, the sound system of the game is very impressive with lively ambient and animals’ sounds.

Durango Wild Lands apk mod

The requirements for the mobile device:

Durango: Wild Lands for Android requires certain rights to provide services. Some optional permissions do not affect gameplay:

  • Camera: Take a picture to help troubleshoot the problem.
  • Photos: Attach a screenshot for customer service.
  • Micro: Access micro for the voice chat feature.
  • Contacts: Collecting phone numbers to send advertising messages.

Note: You can play the game without granting these permissions.

The information of Durango: Wild Lands v4.8.0+1908231726 APK MOD (Unlocked):

  • Name: Durango: Wild Lands
  • Version: 4.8.0+1908231726
  • Production: NEXON Company
  • Size: 95Mb (APK)
  • MOD: Updating…
  • Support: Andoird 4.1 +
  • ROOT: Not needed.

Durango Wild Lands apk mod

How to download and install Durango: Wild Lands

  • Download the APK and OBB file at the end of the article
  • Compress the “.Zip” file that you have just downloaded
  • Copy the directory “com.nexon.durango” to the path “Android / Obb”
  • Back to APK file and open game experience.


It can be said Durango is a completely new and attractive mobile MMORPG game from Nexon producer. With new gameplay that is different from the current role-playing game, Durango: Wild Lands has attracted a lot of players around the world. If you want to play the original version of the game, you can access Google Play above. In addition, modgameapk.net gives you Durango: Wild Lands v4.8.0+1908231726 APK MOD (Unlocked) with extremely interesting modified features. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!

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