Fallout Shelter APK MOD is a great building simulation game. It used to be presented on iOS. Recently, the developer Bethesda has officially launched it on Android devices, satisfying the expectations of millions of gamers. After more than a week, this game has attracted more than 1 million players and more than 330,000 positive reviews (4.5 / 5) on the Android platform. These numbers are enough to prove the huge attraction of Fallout Shelter, despite having appeared on iOS devices quite a long time ago. Please join us to see its highlight right now!

Fallout Shelter APK MOD download

The background

Fallout Shelter is set in a futuristic fantasy world where people get lost in endless battles. Human civilization and the whole of knowledge exists in the form of constructions. Besides, achievements that existed through hundreds of centuries that are almost wiped out. At the time of its debut, Fallout Shelter created a huge fever on the game charts. It overcomes Candy Crush Saga and makes a huge profit for Bethesda.

The gameplay

Although Fallout Shelter APK MOD is a secret base building game, it takes ideas from the survival games. In which, the lucky people survived after a struggling nuclear disaster. To save themselves and their fellow humans, they joined forces to create an underground world, where houses and neighborhoods resemble life on the ground. In the game, the task of the player will be to ensure the lives of these people by building shelter, finding more resources, recruiting new members and fighting against the evil people. You must be a leader – a smart manager, who manages your world and brings a happy life to humanity. With survival gameplay combined with building new bases, this game has brought a huge revenue after a short time of launch.

Fallout Shelter APK MOD gameplay download

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The key features of Fallout Shelter APK MOD

Build a secret base

The secret base of this game is an underground basement, which is your luxurious future and the people around you. There are many different rooms under these tunnels that are 2,000 feet deep in the ground. So, make sure they are safe and well-equipped for a living community. Finally, you can create and improve them in the most livable places in the world.

Fallout Shelter APK MOD build download

Developing the community

In the game, you will play the role of a city mayor, who had just experienced a disaster. Besides building a secret base for people, gamers have to manage a huge community and bring happiness to them. First of all, you should stabilize the situation after a disaster. After that, you need to find the ideal job for them and see them demonstrate their ability. As a leader, players need to take care of the lives and jobs of the people, provide them with costumes, weapons and train them to increase working skills.

Every Vault that works well will need people with lots of skills. Therefore, it is essential to attract newcomers to your Vault and increase the population by actively pairing men and women to create new children. Please decorate and remodel Radio Room more attractive.

Fallout Shelter APK MOD communit download

Explore the wasteland

You have to send your citizens to the surface to learn about the outside world, take part in exciting adventures, collect items and watch out for threats. Besides, you have to collect armor, new weapons, gain experience and earn lots of bottle plugs and bring them back safely.

Protect the cellar from evil intrigues

In any case, your basement cannot escape the scrutiny of other forces. Therefore, you should train your people more and more so they know how to defend and fight against enemies from the outside world. Those who are assigned an expedition need to keep a close eye on new threats. Also, a few bunkers received notice that the rats have started burrowing into your Vault and the Deathclaws seem very angry. Many reasons are due to the sound from the production activities inside the rooms. They may awaken these enemies, putting your basement at risk of being attacked at any time.

Fallout Shelter APK MOD background download


Generally, Fallout Shelter is a great game. Although the game has been released, the developer has been finalizing it, such as weapons, equipment and the work of the people. However, for engineers who are always working to produce the latest, most optimal and exciting games, Fallout Shelter will bring us new experiences that you have never seen before. In this article, we bring you the MOD version of the game, which brings you more advanced features than the original version. Readers can download the game at the link below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

New update:

Thanksgiving is back in the Vault! (Begins November 18th).
Rescue the cook and claim your prize in the limited-time Thanksgiving questlines.
Customize your rooms with Thanksgiving decorations.
Dress your dwellers for the occasion with unique outfits.
Beware the dancing Turkey!



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