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Currently, football game lovers can find a lot of choices such as Dream League Soccer, Football Manager, Fifa 16… Most recently, it is the appearance of PES Mobile, which is a great football game for mobile phones. It has very good graphics almost like the PC version of PES. Previously, EA- a competitor of Konami, also released the very nice game named FIFA Mobile. EA was very knowledgeable when refreshing the experience for FIFA Mobile. In this game, the developer added many interesting features and game modes.

FIFA Mobile Soccer-EA


The gameplay of FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile brings challenging gameplay with a better control mechanism and more interesting features to the players. Besides, they also provide a lot of technologies to help players enjoy the most exciting football experience. Accordingly, Fifa allows users to play a football game with full controls from team selection to each player’s play style. Moreover, it also has many interesting game modes including Ten-match Campaigns, Friendly Matches and Events. They based on the current form of world football tournaments.

In the game, gamers can customize their team, make it an appropriate multiplayer game. It also has a LAN mode that allows the near gamers to play together via Bluetooth. Like previous versions, this is an online game and requires an internet connection to play. Meanwhile, after downloading FIFA Mobile, it only occupies for 162MB of memory after installing. However, the memory will increase greatly after the updates.

FIFA Mobile Soccer game play

The key features of FIFA Mobile

  1. Optimize the formation

In FIFA Mobile, the player will have minutes to rebuild his own team so that it becomes perfect. Players simply use “Team Colour” – one of the familiar content at FO3 and FO4. This interface provides players with the same team players or the current ongoing tournament. Besides, gamers can use filters to add options to assist you in finding potential and suitable players. It will help you make the right decision to be able to complete the remaining pieces of the team.

FIFA Mobile Soccer optimize

  1. Join the campaign and train the players

The campaign is a completely new single-player experience to the new season of FIFA Mobile. In which, the players can upgrade the team their way through the Chapter inside the Campaign to get Good Player and new rewards. There will be many unique Campaigns for you to choose from. It also brings more valuable rewards.

In addition to the campaign mode, training is also quite interesting in the new season of FIFA Mobile. In which, you will have the opportunity to train players from bronze, silver, gold or Premium levels. It will help you have the best player for the new season.

FIFA Mobile Soccer futures

  1. Participate in events to receive attractive gifts

In FIFA Mobile new season, there are many attractive events for you to join including Team of the week, dominant Team, scout, hero Team and daily launch. The event will follow the Campaign format in the new season of FIFA Mobile. The specific events, groups and shops will be available within Events. Besides, gamers can upgrade more in the Event by completing the Pre-season Plan.

  1. The graphics

FIFA Mobile has 3D graphics. It brings sharp shadow effects, vivid colours and authentic football players. It is definitely better than previous versions. Although FIFA Mobile has less capacity, it still has all the full systems and beautiful graphics for players to experience.

Switching options between settings will allow users to adjust the look of the game according to the phone screen size. This makes it easy for users to play on phones with smaller screens. The new features give it superiority over its competitors as the highlight mode. It is a nice feature that allows users to see the highlights of the game after each game.

One thing in this HOT mobile game is the clear sound system, which helps players to focus on the game better. In each match, gamers can also hear everything like a real game, helping players feel realistic and excited.

FIFA Mobile Soccer the graphics

The attractive game modes of FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile has 4 game modes, in addition to the Event mode that we have just mentioned, the game has the following modes:

  • Attack mode: As explained above, these matches are fast-paced and finish very quickly. The matches are not synchronous between players, depending on how their OVR matches. It can include defence, counterattack, attack or from any situation that stops the ball like a free kick, corner kick, pitch throw and penalty.
  • Leagues: This is the main way to interact with other players in FIFA Mobile. By participating in a tournament, you can interact in tournaments and challenge other teams to rise to the top, not to mention the potential rewards that you can earn in tournaments. To unlock this mode, you have to reach level 5. You can receive XP by completing events or playing in attack mode, regardless of winning or losing.
  • Season mode: While there is no official career mode in FIFA Mobile, players can join the Season mode where they can play in any of the 30 tournaments. These matches are a little longer, lasting about 5 to 6 minutes. In this mode, people always want to reach the top. Accordingly, only the best will compete here. If you like to play light games, normally return to the attack mode that may be more suitable for your interests.
  • FIFA Mobile Soccer attractive

How to play FIFA Mobile effectively:

  1. Check the card packages

Your chance to get a highly skilled player in the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team card package may be less than you think. However, you will be pleased to know that you can check and know the percentage correctly. To get specific players, you can go to the Store tab in the Ultimate Team and select the type of package you want to buy. Before buying, you should press Options or Menu on your controller to increase the probability of getting a specific player level. As you might expect, odds decrease when potential rewards increase. Here are the current reward probabilities divided by package type. However, you should remember to check the game for the latest up-to-date statistics.

  • Bronze: 100% chance of more than 45 players, 87% chance of 60+ players, 41% chance of more than 63 players.
  • Premium Bronze: 100% chance of more than 45 players, 92% chance of 60+ players and 58% chance of more than 63 players
  • Silver: 100% chance of more than 65 players, 62% chance of more than 70 players and 11% chance of more than 73 players
  • Premium Silver: 100% chance of more than 65 players, 72
    % chance of more than 70 players and 23% chance of more than 73 players
  • Gold: 100% chance of more than 75 players, 9.1% chance of 82+ players and 3.
  • 4% chance of more than 83 players
  • Premium Gold: 100% chance of more than 75 players, 20% chance of 82+ players and 4.5% chance of more than 84 players.FIFA Mobile Soccer how to play
  1. Squad Battles

Squad Battles came back FIFA 19 which will give you coins based on your performance compared to other players. There will be several different teams playing anytime, with one of the players who usually have a skill rating of between 50 and 70. This is the team you should start with because you can upgrade a lot of things and work on your better defensive points. When you get more cards and increased your team rankings, you can start to confront harder opponents. If you don’t like any of the current options in Squad Battles, you can check back the next day for a better choice.

  1. Complete the daily goals

Both daily and weekly goals are available in Ultimate Team, providing you with extra money and cards. Some of these take only a few seconds, requiring simple tasks such as organizing your team members in certain locations or combining players who had a good training course. After completing the goals, you can put them back the way you want. The rewards you get seem insignificant, but they can be very important to maintain your team after some games.

How to earn Coin quickly in FIFA Mobile

  • Level-up: It sounds obvious, but just playing games a lot is the best way to make money. You can earn a lot by levelling up.
  • Complete the direct tasks: The different events will give you different amounts of coins depending on how hard it is. A 3-star event (with a maximum of 5 stars) can give you 240 coins, while 1 star per day will only help you with 40 coins.
  • Playing Attack Mode: Attack mode is the fastest way to make money. You will receive money only by participating in the battles in this mode with other players.
  • Starting an early season: When you reach level 8, you can start the Season. It is the same thing as the traditional single-player mode in FIFA Mobile. It will allow you to play through any feature of the game in real tournaments. More importantly, it gives you the chance to earn more coins. In which, you will receive 800 coins when winning. You will also receive additional titles to complete the achievement in Season mode.
  • Sell player to receive Coins: If you can open 2 players, or you have many players who are not in the competition plan, you can sell them. However, you should check your players’ parameter before selling them.

FIFA Mobile Soccer download apk

Top 3 players of FIFA Mobile:

Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus / Portugal): They are in the same position.

Lionel Messi is one of the 2 highest rated players in the game, together with Cristiano Ronaldo. Both Argentina and Portugal strikers have the greatest statistics in FIFA Mobile. Ronaldo has a little bit of defence and physical rate. Besides, we provide you with other great football stars. Please check their parameters right below:

1.1. Messi

  • General: 94
  • Accelerating: 88
  • Shoot: 91
  • Pass the ball: 88
  • Ball trick: 96
  • Defence: 32
  • Physical strength: 61

FIFA Mobile Soccer messi & ronaldo

1.2. Ronaldo

  • General: 94
  • Accelerating: 88
  • Shoot: 91
  • Pass the ball: 80
  • Ball trick: 90
  • Defensive: 50
  • Physical strength: 80
  1. Luka Modric (Real Madrid / Croatia)

FIFA Mobile Soccer lucamodric

With 91 overall, Luka Modric is the highest rated central midfielder in the game. In FIFA Mobile, Modric is very effective and excellent when owning 90+ ratings for passing and dribbling points.

  • General: 91
  • Accelerating: 76
  • Shoot: 76
  • Pass the ball: 90
  • Ball trick: 91
  • Defensive: 70
  • Physical strength: 67
  1. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid / Spain)

FIFA Mobile Soccer sergio ramos

Sergio Ramos is the highest rated defender in FIFA Mobile. The Spanish centre-back is a dominant figure in the centre of the defence, thanks to 91 general poins and 84 physical rates. Moreover, Ramos is one of the few high rate defenders, who are famous for speed, passing and shooting, allowing him to attack very effectively.

  • General: 91
  • Acceleration: 75
  • Shoot: 63
  • Pass the ball: 71
  • Trick ball: 72
  • Defensive: 91
  • Physical strength: 84


It can be said that it is hard to find such a great mobile game like FIFA Mobile. The game brings to players the most exciting experience with lots of interesting features, attractive gameplay, intuitive control mechanism and rich football stars. In this post, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game named FIFA Mobile v12.3.06 Mod Apk. It brings the most complete gaming experience to you. If you have any feedback about the game, please leave comments below. In addition, please follow and access our website regularly to get the latest update of this game as well as many other interesting APK games and apps. Thanks and have a fun game!

FIFA Mobile Soccer the best sport game

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