Flip Master APK (MOD Money) v2.1.6


Flip Master is a product from Miniclip.com, which was released not too long ago. This developer always brings to players the simple but interesting games with attractive gameplay such as 8 Ball Pool, Tanki Online… In this article, we would like to bring you such a game named Flip Master. It has reached over 10 million downloads from Google Play with the very high rates from players in the world.

Flip Master apk mod


The gameplay

Unlike a game like Flip Diving, in which you jump into the water. Instead, in Flip Master, the players will jump on an elastic mattress. During the game, you have to control your character to jump as high as possible. Besides, you have to acrobatic as many rounds as possible, but you should pay attention to obstacles. Moreover, you can try to make frontflips, backflips to increase the points and bonuses. However, your character has to make sure your character to land on the ground safely.

The game ends when your character falls out and will get pretty bad injuries as well. You can record your performances such as beautiful jumps, to share with friends and challenge them to do the same as you.

Flip Master Apk Gameplay

The key features

The suitable levels arrangement

Levels are arranged in a very reasonable way. At the beginning of the game, you will be a new amateur guy jumping on the spring at home. When you get the higher level change with enough experience points, you can perform on the big circus stage, going to the Olympics, popular sports events…

Flip Master apk level

Unlock many new characters and locations

To increase the fun of the game, players can unlock more locations to play like home, gym centre, the park, the circus or high buildings with a lot of different trampolines. After finishing the game, you can be rewarded with money, which can be used to unlock and upgrade new characters. Besides, you can customize, upgrade your character to achieve better physical strength. Of course, each character has certain physical indicators.

Flip Master apk Unlocked

In addition, there are many Power-Ups to enhance your character experience.

Flip Master has a huge amount of Power-Up Items, which helps you increase your character performance. These items help your character jump higher, acrobatic more, avoid the unexpected obstacles, suck gold coins and many other features.

Flip Master Apk Power Up

The graphics

Flip Master brings an extremely beautiful 3D system, applying advanced imaging technology. With realistic designs, bright colours, the game will definitely impress gamers. Besides, the character and training venues are designed very meticulously, bringing a high level of authenticity. In addition to graphics, the vibrant sound system is also a remarkable point of the game, creating an exciting gaming experience to the players.

Flip Master apk graphics

Information about Flip Master APK MOD (money) v2.1.6

  • Game name: Flip Master
  • Publisher: Miniclip.com
  • Version: 2.1.6
  • MOD: Money
  • Capacity: 90 Mb
  • Support: Android 4.1 +
  • Root: Not Apply
  • How to install the game :The players have to delete the current Flip Master version in the device, download the final APK file and install it

Flip Master download apk mod


Overall, Flip Master is an extremely fun, entertaining and addictive sports game. In this article, modgameapk.net also provides players with Flip Master APK MOD (money) v1.8.5, which has many advanced features, making the game easier for you. Please visit the download link below and don’t forget to regularly follow the page to update the latest exciting games! Thanks and have a fun game!


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