Forge Ahead MOD APK (Unlocked) v0.67

Forge Ahead MOD APK (Unlocked) is a unique simulation game of the publisher Lion Studios. In which, players have to destroy the gems by fusing them in the furnace to forge them into the best swords. From there, you can create a huge arsenal. Forge Ahead will display the swords you make on the weapon rack and you can exchange them for money then continue to find new gems to create swords with better quality. Please join us to find it out right now!

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The gameplay

In this game, players will incarnate into a blacksmith, creating ancient swords with a few simple steps. Initially, you will start with the extraction of minerals from small ores, bringing them to the kiln, molding the weapons, forging it until the final product and finalizing the decoration.

Also, Forge Ahead has multiple game levels, each of which is a challenge for players. Of course, the longer you play the game, the more difficult it will be. Besides, each sword will be made from different components such as diamonds, gold, or other materials. In addition to the furnace, the game will provide you with some of the specific tools of blacksmith technology. Let’s see how the metal melted and how excellent swords are made in this game.

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The detailed gameplay

  • To obtain minerals, players need to separate them from the small ore on the table. Here, there are always 3 ores for you. When finishing the ore extraction, the other ore will fall. However, everything is random. So, you will not know what kind of the ore until it finishes separating. If you are lucky, you can find rare ores.
  • Also, players can only find 4 ores at a time. When you collect enough these 4 ingredients, you will go to the furnace to melt them. After that, you have to mold and forge meticulously and finalize decorating.
  • After completing a product, all the information about the materials that you have used to create the sword will be displayed clearly. Then, it will indicate whether this is a regular or special sword.
  • Besides, players will be able to review the mineral resources you have collected through the metal panel.
  • In the molding process, players can make many swords with various shapes from samurai swords to swords of ancient kings. Besides, the decorative patterns on the sword have also been refreshed.
  • The more precious the sword is, the more the devorative details will be. To be able to create many different types of swords, players need to buy their frames by spending the gold coins.
  • However, to obtain rare swords, your materials must also be rare resources, such as Diamond. The better quality the sword is, the more expensive it will be, as well as bring you more profits.

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Upgrade and unlock system

  • Players can use the money that they have collected to upgrade tools, such as casting, forging, collecting resources, speeding up the time to make products… Every time you finish a product, you can put on shelves and sell at good prices.
  • In the process of forging weapons, visitors sometimes come to the store and offer to buy a sword of various materials. Also, they will bring some missions to you.
  • You need to make those requests as soon as possible. This is also an opportunity for you to increase your customers and income, so you can make better swords.
  • Moreover, every product you make, the amount will increase by the minute. The more products you make, the more money you will have. When you are offline, you will and get extra income.

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The graphics and sound

Forge Ahead MOD APK (Unlocked) has 2D graphics with simple block shapes. Also, the colors are nice enough to create a pleasant feeling to the player. The characters are in various shapes such as Samurai, cowboys, which are quite funny. Besides, the swords have many decorative details. Along with that, the effect of grinding the product is quite interesting and beautiful.

Although this game without a lively or gentle soundtrack, it still gives players a refreshing atmosphere when the sounds of tinkling when forging weapons, casting furnaces. They are quite authentic.

Forge Ahead mod apk download

The MOD feature

Unlocked: In this modified version, the game has already unlocked all metals, weapons and provided a large amount of money for you to upgrade the better equipment.

Remove Ads: When you use Forge Ahead in our MOD APK version, the annoying ads have completely disappeared. This feature will make your game more comfortable.


Overall, Forge Ahead MOD APK (Unlocked) is a funny idle game. The features of the game will probably make you want to experience it all day without feeling bored. Also, the game does not require you to much focus on it. Moreover, the unique gameplay and graphics will also make you feel comfortable after stressful working hours. Readers can download the game at the link below.

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