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RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a new action survival game from Leiting Games. Besides, it combines with RPG elements to create a perfect story. In the game, you will play the role of a survivor in the apocalypse world full of dangers and Zombies. Your goal is to find wife and daughter. Also, Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z has survival elements that players must fight against zombies, look for items and weapons and find their family. The game has a lot of interesting features such as the ability to create tools, weapons and fight against enemies with unique skills. Let’s find it out right below!

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z apk

The story

The Zombie virus had leaked out during the apocalypse time. In just a few days, most humans had been infected. All that remained was countless corpses and zombies wandering everywhere. The main character in the game lost his wife and daughter when the world was chaos by the Zombie virus. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead, or worse, they had participated in the zombie force. In an attempt to find his wife and daughter, he must fight and wipe out all the zombies where he passes through. Everyone’s life is very fragile. Only a bit of a zombie can cause him to lose everything.

The gameplay

With Fury Survivor: Pixel Z, you have to start with empty hands and find the necessary tools before fighting. In the game, you have to face many enemies from normal zombies to giant mutants. More important is that you must find a way to overcome a large world full of zombies. In addition, you have to look for and pick up the necessary items and weapons then fight with the bloodthirsty zombies in the street. You have to prove your ability and love for your family.

As a super game with a role-playing element, the player must search for resources and learn different skills to overcome traps and unpredictable enemies. It would be one of the most interesting features of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z.

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z gameplay

The key features of Fury Survivor: Pixel Z for Android

  • Destroy zombies in bloody tight guillotines
  • Fight for survival and find your family according to a fascinating story
  • Collect diverse equipment and weapons to fight zombies
  • Overcome dangerous traps and many aggressive enemies
  • Seek to find food, water and supplies
  • Manufacturing handicrafts
  • Build a strong shelter
  • Interact and join with other survivors
  • Classic pixel graphics

The highlights

Search for the family at the world end

Your beloved wife and daughter had disappeared in the apocalypse time. To find them, you must go to different areas and wipe out zombies along the way. This road will be extremely arduous and dangerous. So, warrior, be brave and overcome all difficulties for your loved ones!

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z mod game

Killing the Zombies

Kill or be killed! In this game, you have no other choice but fighting for finding your wife and daughter. However, zombies are everywhere. It forces you to be a ruthless killer. You have to carry the best equipment and weapons, experience a bloody carnage party with countless frantic slashes. Blood will splatter and the brain of those zombies will be your booty. Destroy all corpses right now!

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z kill zombie

Equip necessary weapons and items

Entering the Zombie world, you will have to equip yourself with weapons picked up on the way or rewarded for missions. More variety of weapons helps you to overcome different tasks. In addition, the game also provides a diverse skills system. You can strengthen your character by increasing your level, equipping clothing items, military supplies, ammunition, drinking water and equipping other tools.

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z game apk

Building a strong base

Moreover, players can create their camp and interact with NPC who seek to survive. One of the most important things is that you can build your own farming system and shelter. The game has extremely simple operations with a more convenient joystick button and right-clicks button for easy moving. You should destroy everything available on the way to find more items to equip for your character.

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z best game apk

The graphics and sound

With great retro pixel graphics, Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z will bring the best gaming experience to gamers. In which, the classic battles with deadly scenes often found in traditional survival RPG will be the most addictive feature to keep the players staying longer with the game. In addition, the sound of the game also makes gamers impressive with authentic screams of zombies, the scary breath or the stumbling melodies. They definitely put gamers into the most exciting atmosphere.

If you love zombie games, Into the Dead 2 APK MOD is also an interesting option for you to experience.

Fury Survivor: The Pixel Z best zombie game


Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is definitely a great game with extremely compelling gameplay, interesting storyline and high-end graphics. Also, it has diverse quests, zombie types, weapons and more. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps!

New update:
  • Added Red Accessary II.
  • Unlocked Summer Event.
  • Added packs of Summer Sales.

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