Game Guardian is the application produced by Game Guardian team. This application can help you hack and take full control of your game, which make your game easier. Sometimes, when you encounter a very difficult game on mobile, you have tried many times but cannot overcome, or you want your character to be stronger, or have more money to buy gold, gems or many items, all you can do with the Game Guardian application.

The key features of Game Guardian

  • Game Guardian runs well on all Android operating systems from 2.2.3 or higher. The app also supports the latest Android versions such as Android 8.1 or 9. Moreover, Game Guardian is compatible with computer emulators such as BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy…
  • One of the best features of Game Guardian is speeding up or reducing game speed. It helps you to control the game speed to achieve higher achievements.
  • This application was designed with more than 50 languages ​​to ensure that all users can experience the best.
  • In addition, it has a very simple interface, which you can use easily even if you are poor in technology.

Game Guardian download apk

How to install Game Guardian

Step 1: Download the APK file at the end of the article

Step 2: You can click “install” to start the instalation process of the application. Besides, you may have to turn on some requirements in the settings section depending on your mobile brand.

Step 3: After the process is complete, you can use it right away.

Note: Some phones need Root to optimize the features.

The detailed instructions for using Game Guardian on Android

Step 1: You download and install the application to the computer. Then you open the game that you need to hack, open Game Guardian and accept the root permissions of this application.

Step 2: The application will ask you for the game you want to hack. There will be a list of games on your system. You can click the game you just selected.

Step 3: Back to the game and find the index of the value you want to hack (money, gold, diamond). For example, if you want to hack gold, you have to keep in mind the current gold value of the game.

Step 4: Click on the Icon of Game Guardian in the corner of the screen. When it shows up, you go to the searching button below and enter the gold indicator then click on the search. You wait for the application to run and find the results. When a series of values appears, you don’t know what value you want to hack. So you minimize Game Guardian and change the gold value you want to hack by playing the next game.

Game Guardian the best app

Step 5: After changing the gold value, you go back to Game Guardian and do the same step 4. If the search table currently has about 1-20 values, you can continue to hack.

Step 6: Click on the 3 tiles icon in the corner of the screen, select “Modify” then enter the value you want to hack.

Step 7: Finally, you return to the game and play. In which, the gold value will appear as the value you have just hacked.

Note: There are a few cases that the app is “Forced stop” the game. In which, the game is failed. In addition, the application has many features in the menu item such as Speedhack… for you to choose. Game Guardian cannot hack online games or games with high-security features.

Game Guardian hack game offilne


It can be said Game Guardian is a great game hacking application, which is extremely easy and fast. There are many features waiting for you to experience. Also, players can click on the link below to download the Game Guardian version for our Android. If you have any feedback about the application, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have a good time with!


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