Gang Clash APK MOD (Unlocked) v1.0.2

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  • November 4, 2019
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IEC Global Pty Ltd is a new game maker in the mobile game market.  Their products always aim at simplicity in design, gameplay, but require high thinking and tactical ability from players. We should mention some interesting games from this developer such as Magic Hole or Bricks Breaker Legend. Today, would like to introduce to you the new attractive game from IEC Global Pty Ltd named Gang Clash. Currently, it is located on the trending tab of Google Play. Besides, we bring you the modified version of the game named Gang Clash APK MOD, which will provide you with more advanced features than the original version. Let’s together with us to find it out below!

Gang Clash APK MOD

The gameplay

In the game, gamers will play the role of a leader, who recruits heroes and form a strong army. You have to train them for battles with players around the world. Besides, your jobs are not so easy. You have to use your great brain to organize your army, combine weapons and skills to defeat the enemy. Besides, the battles will become more and more difficult, so it is necessary for you to upgrade the army. After every battle whether you win or lose, you will receive a certain amount of bonus, which helps you upgrade equipment, enhance power and buy new troops. Also, the game will give you quite a bit of time to prepare the squad. During this period, you should try to remember the positions of the members and their roles. After completing the team, you can touch Fight to start the battle.

Gang Clash APK MOD gameplay

Upgrading System

In-game upgrade system includes army, equipment and power. Firstly, as an army, gamers should try to win quickly at the initial levels to have more bonuses for buying more troops, so that the army will be stronger. After that, you have to upgrade their equipment and power. For equipment, you will use the money to buy shields that are capable of protecting you from the enemy. Also, the weapon is very important. You can choose melee or long-ranged weapon. If you choose melee, you can upgrade your strength. If you want to fight from a distance, you can choose the bow and arrow. Every battle will be different, so make sure you use your appropriate thinking and strategy.

Gang Clash APK MOD upgrade

Interface and graphics

Gang Clash APK MOD uses 2D graphics with extremely simple designs. The army is designed in the form of .io that is quite popular today. However, it has realistic movements. Besides, the scenery of each game screen is always changed. This is a plus point in terms of the design. In addition, the colours are quite bright but extremely harmonious. It helps players more relax during the game. Also, the game interface is very intuitive. The One Touch gameplay makes it possible for players to become familiar with the game quickly.

Gang Clash APK MOD graphics


Overall, Gang Clash APK MOD is a great entertainment game with a simple design and interesting gameplay. In this article, we also provide you with Gang Clash APK MOD. It will bring you more advanced features. We bring you 2 familiar versions which are Gang Clash APK and Gang Clash APK MOD (Unlocked). Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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