Full NameGangs Town Story
PublisherAvega Games
Mod FeaturesFree Shopping
Latest Version0.14c
RequireAndroid 7.0+
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Gangs Town Story is an impressive shooting action game of the producer Avega Games. It is like a social simulation game, in which the underworld is rising and causing chaos in the city. In this world, players can choose their path, becoming a good person or a bad person. Besides, the game gives you fast action gameplay with lots of street chasing and shooting. Combined with realistic 3D graphics, Gangs Town Story is a game to look forward to this summer. Please join us to learn more about this exciting game right now!

Gangs Town Story cover image

How to play

Coming to Gangs Town Story, players are living in a simulated world in which they can do whatever they want. The in-game world contains many dangers because the underworld is looking for a way to rise. You can have two choices. First, players can play the role of a hero to destroy those evil hordes. In addition, you can also turn yourself into a criminal and perform daring missions such as robbing a car or banks, shooting people, or fighting with the police. You will create your own life. Besides, players can do many tasks to receive rewards. But mainly players want to be free to experience open life, which we cannot get in real life.

Key features

Gangs Town Story is an open-world game with many typical elements such as crimes, weapons, vehicles, and freely customizing your style. Specifically:

  • Typical criminal world: As you all know, the underworld always exists around us. They show up or not, causing people to always be on the lookout. In this game too, criminals are everywhere. They make robberies, fights, or murders. You can choose to be a good person, stand up for the innocent and destroy the bad guys. However, such a life would not be very interesting. Most players will choose to become a criminal with more new activities such as racing, robbery, shooting or fighting with the police. Such free play makes players feel more comfortable.

Gangs Town Story crimial scenes

  • Various Weapons and Vehicles System: When it comes to the underworld, whoever owns more powerful weapons is considered the winner. In Gangs Town Story, the game developer paid close attention to this system. Players can choose all the tools to become real gangsters. At this point, the game offers hundreds of different weapons such as batons, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, machine guns… In addition, players also enjoy a massive vehicle collection. They are simulated realistically. Players can easily recognize the simulation designs of many famous car companies such as Ferrari, Lamborgini, Mercedes, Buggati… You can even drive a tank. If you choose to be a criminal, you can easily experience all the best cars available in this game.

Gangs Town Story vehicles and weapons

  • Freedom to create your style: This is one of the very new features that few action games of the same type have. Specifically, the game gives you hundreds of fashion items so you can change your character’s style: Casual fashion, gangster fashion, police, combat, beachwear, evening wear… Players are immersed in the world of fashion.

Gangs Town Story style customizations

Beautiful graphics

With 3D images, it is not difficult for Gangs Town Story to win the hearts of players, no longer black and white like many games of the same type. Now you can live in a colorful space. Moreover, with the small map layout and intuitive movement mechanics, this game offers a more realistic experience.


Gangs Town Story is an interesting game about the underworld theme. Although it is still developed based on old ideas, 3D graphics and diverse gameplay have helped it become a potential name in the game market this summer. Besides, we bring readers the MOD version of the game with the Free Shopping feature, making it more comfortable for you to play. Readers can download it at the link below. If you have any questions regarding Gangs Town Story APK (MOD Free Shopping), please leave a comment in this article. Having fun!

New updates:
  • Added a new district to capture
  • Now the first aid kit and armor are triggered automatically
  • Speed up loading after death

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