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  • November 6, 2019
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Girl Gun Cafe 2 is a great mobile game for single guys. We have to state again that it is a super cool mobile game from Girl Gun Cafe Production Team with the simple name Girl Gun Cafe 2. The game operates exactly with its name when focusing on cute female characters, which were drawn in an anime style in extremely intense gun battles. Besides, the game background is in a cafe shop where you will have the right to date with girls. Currently, this game is still in beta progress in China. It will be available soon.

Girl Gun Cafe 2 apk

The gameplay

In the game, you will create a battle team of 3 girls with 3 different types of guns at your disposal. During the battle, you have to fight against a variety of enemies in the PvE mode. Especially, there are 2 special characters, which will be controlled by AI. If you do not like to fight anymore, these 3 girls will work part-time at a cafe. At this point, you can choose clothes, chat, give gifts and almost date with the characters you like.

Actually, the “cafe” part is not related to pretty girls and guns but it creates a unique style for the game. In Girl Gun Cafe 2, fighting is just a part-time job for girls. Players will have to make them happy, interacting with their characters like dating a lover. Specifically, gamers need to play in a ‘dating simulator’ style. It means you have to help your characters dress nicely, respond to sully messages, give gifts… This is an extremely fun part of Girl Gun Cafe 2.

Girl Gun Cafe 2 apk gameplay

Character system

The characters are designed according to Japanese Anime style. Each character will have a separate skillset and appearance, with a gun as the main weapon. Besides flying skills, acrobatics or special skills with great damage, you can choose a character depends on your playing style. However, the weak point of the game is that there is neither makeup system nor equipment for each character. Hopefully, the game will update this feature in the official version.

Interface and graphics

Girl Gun Cafe 2 is inherently a game with cute entertainment characteristics and does not emphasize on victory. Therefore, the developer has brought players a 3D graphics platform with an extremely cute and funny Anime style. Moreover, the image of the girls is extremely attractive, along with the extremely crowded combat movements and fast rhythms that will make you unable to take your eyes off your mobile screen.

In addition, Girl Gun Cafe 2 has a quite simple interface with full features, game modes as well as the diverse character system. They are displayed right on the Start Screen. Also, the indicators of money, Rubi and level are shown in the upper corner of the screen. On the right, it is the store, player information, control options… You don’t have to learn much and still get it quickly.

Girl Gun Cafe 2 apk graphics

Currently, Girl Gun Cafe 2 is being tested in the Chinese market. It is expected to officially release an international version by early 2020. At the moment, the game is available on the Tap Tap game portal. Readers can download the Chinese version of Girl Gun Cafe 2 at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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