Golf Blitz MOD APK+OBB v1.13.10

Nowadays, golf is a popular sport in the world. However, golf is likely a game for the rich. Therefore, playing golf seems strange to most people. Many people probably only see this sport on TV and YouTube. To make that kind of sports more and more popular in the world, the publisher Noodlecake Studios has made and released an extremely fun golf game for mobile phones. It is Golf Blitz APK. Please join us to check it right now!

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New gameplay

The main gameplay of Golf Blitz APK is similar to the real rule, in which gamers have to use the stick to hit the golf ball in the target position with the least number of times. However, what make this game so special is its new and challenging golf courses. They are no longer on smooth and flat golf courses. Instead, players have to play on the weird courses, which are as complex mazes. This brings more interest to the player. In particular, there are many ways to bring the ball to the goal depending on the ability of the player. It can be said that with Golf Blitz, creativity is endless.

Besides, the game has attractive fighting gameplay with 3 players. It is not necessary to bring the ball to the finish line with the least number of strokes. Instead, players just need to be the first one reaching the finish line to win. After winning, gamers will receive gold coins or prestigious medals!

However, to win in Golf Blitz is not simple. As mentioned above, getting the ball to the finish line is very difficult because you have to compete with two skillful opponents. Therefore, the game develops supporting items to help players in difficult situations. In which, Sniper Ball helps you hit the ball with 100% accuracy; Super Ball helps you create powerful shots. Also, there are many items to assist you in the game.

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Interesting challenges

You will have extremely interesting experiences when you are playing golf in different locations. More than 50 golf courses for you to choose from, including forests, rocky mountains, volcanoes, underground… even in outer space. Also, there are many levels with different interesting challenges waiting for you to discover and conquer. Although they are interesting, conquering them is not simple. First, you must grasp the usual physical rules, comes with creativity and patience. The more you play, the more you will master the principles of the game and find out more tips to get the ball to the finish line as quickly as possible. Do not be a little bit difficult but ignore the great fun!

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Multiplayer mode

Golf Blitz offers a great interactive feature, which is playing games with friends in multiplayer mode. Here, players have 2 options, including creating new groups or joining the available one. This feature allows you to interact and compete with other online players. Besides, you can also compete with your friends for high rankings on the leaderboards.

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Overall, Golf Blitz is a fun, simple game. But to master and win is not easy. With so many new and exciting features, especially multiplayer mode, the game significantly changes the way of playing and makes it more exciting. Do not miss the great fun moment to experience the surprises of this new game. Readers can download the game at the link below.

New update:
Minor bug fixes
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