Gran Saga Mobile is a role-playing game from the developer NPIXEL (Korea). This is a perfect combination between Fantasy gameplay and the classic turn-based epic that has been around for a long time. Besides, Gran Saga Mobile is a role-playing game with impressive graphics that gamers are hard to ignore when it comes to the harmonious combination between modern and classic gameplay. This game has been planned since 2019. It will probably launch this January, promising to be a blockbuster that you should not miss. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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Spectacular background

From the first steps, it is not difficult for gamers to recognize the epic and majesty of Ragnadea, the source of legendary heroes. From here, gamers started to write down the first chapters of their epic in the first land, the kingdom of Esprogen.

Besides, the game is entirely on the Unreal Engine 4 platform. In the game, the landscape in the game is extremely heroically reproduced. From the snow-capped peaks to the chilly dungeon or the light capital Esprogen, leaves a deep impression and is a unique feature that paints the panorama of the Gran Saga world for gamers.

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The gameplay

In Grand Saga, the gameplay is also a bit different than usual when the game provides you with many ways to play. For example, gamers can ride a horse and feel the weather impacts (rain, wind…) when exploring a large land. Or you can team up with friends to fight a turn-based dungeon, like Final Fantasy or enter the PvP arena by arranging a turn-based tactical formation.

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The character system

Players will choose 3 characters to form a team or switch and control characters according to monster properties to play the game. In addition to the individual skills and special weapons (Gran Weapon), each character also has an Artifact that can increase the character’s stats. Specifically, they are immunity to abnormal state, critical rate and other effects. Moreover, you can equip each character with up to 4 artifacts to create your fighting style.

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The modern graphics

Gran Saga is built on the Unreal Engine 4 platform. It is easily optimized on mobile but still ensures integrity when connecting with their friends on PC. In addition to the beautiful graphics, the ups and downs melodies are the interesting features that make gamers follow every detail in the plot. Especially when gamers set foot in the kingdom of Esprogen, the OST of the music witch Yoko Shimomura will immediately make gamers fall in love and forget the mission when coming to this vast kingdom.


In general, Gran Saga is almost a mix of many hot games today. However, new gamers may find it quite confusing and difficult to get used to. This variety helps the game reach more gaming communities. Besides, you can also form groups, guilds, and coordinate with teammates to overcome hard challenges. Whether playing alone or in groups, Gran Saga has a lot of fun waiting for you to experience.

Currently, the blockbuster game of NPIXEL has not been released globally. But gamers can still experience it first by registering or downloading the APK file of the game at the link below.

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