Grand Hotel Mania APK MOD (Coins/Crystals) v1.14.0.8

Full NameGrand Hotel Mania - Hotel Games. Idle Hotel Tycoon
Mod FeaturesYes
Latest Version1.14.0.8
RequireAndroid 4.4+
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Grand Hotel Mania MOD APK is a great hotel management game from the developer DeusCraft. In the game, players have to run the hotel business and satisfy all the customers’ needs. It is a very fun game with unique gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics, and many advanced features. In this article, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game named Grand Hotel Mania APK, which can provide you with more profits than the original version. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

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How to play

In this game, all the people in the world want to travel around for business or recreation. Many people come to your hotel to have services such as rooms, food, recreation… You have to manage your characters consisting of Monica and Ted. Players have to make sure to control them to serve and satisfy all the guests. After finishing a task, you will receive a bonus. Gamers can easily get the customers’ needs with the icon above their heads. At this point, you’ll need to react quickly to your customers’ requests, set priorities, and serve everyone in a time limit. Time’s up – there are no more requests. After you accumulate enough money, you can buy more items to decorate your hotel or upgrade things to boost your game. Moreover, the game provides you a great feature is that you can travel around the world and open more new hotels as long as you have enough money. It will make your game more interesting.

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The key features of Grand Hotel Mania APK

In this game, many interesting things attract players the most. Please see them below:

Fast and unique gameplay In Grand Hotel Mania APK, players have to be ready all the time because the guests will come and ask for any services at any time. The faster you go, the more bonuses you will receive. However, you cannot replay your level if you fail. So, if you get stuck, you have to try powering through it until you finally fulfill that level’s objective. There are a variety of things you can do to beat the hard level. To make sure you have an instant supply of resources to upgrade your amenities, you can watch ads to double your income at the end of a level. Besides, watching ads on the main menu can provide you with free gems/premium currency.

Opening new hotels Unlike many other management games, you can now buy or unlock more new hotels in many famous places in the world. This is the new feature that is hardly seen in other games of the same genre. Surely, it will make you more and more excited.

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Beautiful graphics

The game has great 3d graphics, which make you impressed right from the first time playing it. In which, the characters are nice shapes. The background is colorful and the sound is gentle. They will make you more and more relax.

Some tips for playing the game well

  • Players should make the most out of Ted by making sure Ted has a sandwich on the hand early. At this point, he can satisfy the hungry guests very fast and get more bonuses.
  • You can usually tell whether a guest will need some food or other services by the Z’s that come out of the room doors. The Z’s indicate if a guest is planning to check out. Therefore, if you do not see any Z’s, you can expect your guests to ask for some coffee or a sandwich. If you see the Z’s though, you can expect them to head to the front desk very soon. This feature will give you the alert to guess your customer’s activities shortly.
  • Using the pre-stage boost in the hard level: The SuperSpeed Boots increases Ted’s movement speed to absurd levels; the Super Machines vastly decrease the amount it takes for Ted to fix or prepare any of the hotel’s amenities. Also, the Fireworks refresh every guest’s patience to green, and the Genie Lamp instantly cleans dirty rooms and makes coffee. You can gain these boosts from milestones as you clear levels and your daily logins.
  • Getting more coins: If you want to maximize coin gain, you should upgrade the speed and accuracy of the service. You have to make sure none of your guests go beyond yellow at most, and always keeping a sandwich on hand, because tending to the kitchen is hard work.
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We have just given you all the important information about the game Grand Hotel Mania. This is a great management game that you should not miss. Besides, we would like to provide you the modified version of the game named Grand Hotel Mania APK, which will give you more advanced features than the original version. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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