Grow Stone Online APK v1.422

Grow Stone Online APK is an idle mobile game from the developer SUPERCAT. It has beautiful 2D graphics and unique gameplay, which can satisfy any most demanding players. Although Grow Stone Online APK is an idle game, it will still add 2 interesting interactive features to help players experience more dynamic adventures. Besides, the game also provides you with the diverse challenging tasks monsters collection. The game promises to bring players the feeling of a fascinating game experience. Please join us to check it out right now!

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The gameplay

Grow Stone Online APK will take gamers on an adventure to explore the colorful 2D world. In which, you have to fight monsters and complete the missions in the dungeon. Gamers can use the rocks collection to take win monsters.

Accordingly, Grow Stone Online APK has a very simple context when you are a miner. Your game is a mine with many gemstones. The players can combine two stones of the same type into a rare one. In the mission to become the best miner and find the legendary gem, you must overcome all kinds of traps on the road.

However, the game also has an auto mechanic, allowing you to freely exploit any gems near you. Gamers can manually match them to create new kinds of gem to increase the power of your character. The stronger and rarer the stone is, the greater the power of the guard monsters will be. So, you have to constantly improve your strength or buy more buffs to win the game.

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The key features

Awesome weapon system

Grow Stone Online APK has a lot of great weapons such as knives, bombs, bows and arrows. In addition to the gem of different shapes, sizes and values, gamers can use these weapons to exploit and develop stones in mines and kill monsters. Besides, you can combine weapons and gems to create stronger weapons, stones with higher price.

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Enjoy the interesting MMORPG game

Grow Stone Online APK belongs to MMORPG genre. The game has an easy control mechanism. In which players just need to touch the screen to operate everything. If you are busy doing something, you can use the auto-play function to continue the game and receive rewards even if you’re offline. Besides, you also enjoy the exciting feeling of fighting in a pixel style dungeon with friends. Moreover, the game will take you into real-time PVP battles on all the most unique maps, hunt and destroy bosses.

Grow Stone Online apk mod mmorpg

Join a clan with friends

In the game, you can create or join a clan, which consists of the best players. You have to try to become No.1. Besides, the game modes will help you play with friends or compete with other players. Also, players can collect many pets with unique pixel styles.

In addition to clans, Grow Stone Online APK also brings you many events, such as daily free Dungeon Ticket, Double gold, rubies during golden hours, fighting in the rainy time to receive lucky rewards…

A special feature of Grow Stone Online APK is the online system. It comes with the familiar idle gameplay. You can trade and interact with other players. Then, you can coordinate with a team to win a certain level and defeat different types of bosses. The game supports many languages. Readers can download Grow Stone Online APK at the link below.

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