Growtopia is a world-building game with familiar Pixel graphics. If you are a fan or have experienced Minecraft, it will not be too difficult to get used to this new game. Specifically, players can build whatever you think of from houses, trees to songs, artwork, quizzes, and interact with other players from everywhere by using a chat and text system. It is quite interesting. Please see its highlights below!

Growtopia APK

Beginning the game

First, you have to create your own character and be ready to explore the whole new world of Growtopia.

To enter a new world, you just enter the name in the searching box. Start digging, you will get dirt, dust particles, cave floors, cave ground particles and even a few gems. At this point, you can keep everything you got and keep breaking the blocks until your Gems number reaches 50 (gamers can see the counter in the top right corner). After that, players can click the red gem to open the items shop. You should use the 50 gems you earned to buy a Small Key.

Growtopia APK gameplay

Become a supporter

By becoming a Growtopia supporter, you can earn 1000 gems through the offer “Tap joy”. It can be quite tedious, but you get a recycling tool that allows you to exchange unwanted items like dirt to get some gems. Also, players will get newer skin colors, namely Red, Green, Cyan, Purple, and White.

Besides, you can break a little more blocks until you save 200 gems. Then, you can use them to open lock cells:

• Small lock: 10 gems

• Big Lock-Locks: 50 gems

• Giant lock: 200 gems

• To unlock the world, you need 2000 gems. So, you should remember to save gems.

Growtopia APK content

Choose your own world

After you unlock the locks, the game will ask you to choose your world name. Make sure the place is uninhabited. Then, you can place your padlock over the white door.

Afterward, you click once on your fist. Now, it will be changed to a wrench, which you can use on your padlock by clicking on it, then press the button “ignore empty air” and the button that says “Reset key”. At this point, this is your world, and you should have some dirt and seeds on the cave floor.

By breaking rocks, gamers get small rocks and stones. Also, you can find lava as you dig deep into the ground. After that, players will get all 4 types of seeds and start planting.

Growtopia APK minigames

How to make friends on Growtopia

Playing alone is not fun. Therefore, everyone wants to make a friend, which will make your game more interesting. To make new friends, you can use the wrench on your body, select ‘Invite as a friend’. If that person accepts, you will become friends. Also, players can do so by selecting ‘Trade’.

Growtopia APK friends


In general, Growtopia has a vivid color system, lovely graphics, wide connectivity… That is the thing that any player can feel even for the first time experience the game. We encourage you to play with other people because you can make more fun with friends and others. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

New update:

Hello Growtopians,

Sugar, ice and everything nice – let’s welcome a wonderful Winter! Just wait and see what we have in store for you all!

– Dec IOTM and Subscriber Item!
– Get ready for the Winterfest Calendar and a Special Machine!
– Return of Brr-lloon Warz – prepare to fight differently this time!
– Arrival of the ultimate event of the great winter along with lots of surprises: Winterfest!
– Bug fixes & optimizations.

Happy Holidays!

– The Growtopia Team



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