Hamster Village MOD APK (Gems/Coins/Heart) v1.1.3

Hamster Village MOD APK (Gems/Coins/Heart) is a cute and interesting game from the developer NLABSOFT. It simulates life in a hamster village with a beautiful background like a fairy tale. Just look at the lovely graphics, bright colors of this game, your mind will be extremely at ease. Please join us to find out more about this game right now!


How to get started with the game – Hamster Village

In the game, your goal is to build a happy village, in which Hamster is the main character. Specifically, you can add a lot of facilities for hamsters so they can enjoy a variety of activities. Also, hamsters work in the factory to produce things. Even they help you to produce gold coins.

Sometimes, they give you the heart. You will start with the farm building. After that, you can build a cafe shop, library, and lots of beautiful facilities to build and expand the Hamster Village MOD APK. The goal is to unlock all hamsters and build all kinds of facilities in the village.

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Upgrade carefully

At this point, gamers need to take good care of upgrading. In the lower right corner, players can tap on the button “village” to open a menu where you can see a list of facilities and perform upgrades. Also, in the upper right corner of the base card, you will see its earnings. You should pay attention to it. Besides, you will notice that each new or subsequent base that you unlock generates more gold coins than the previous one. For example, a logging camp generates more gold than craft shops, libraries, cafes, and farms.

As you continue to mine, you will unlock the bathhouse, which produces more gold coins than the previous facilities. After that, you can unlock the post office, guest houses, the flower shop, and the “Harbor”, which offers the highest amount of gold.

Please see the order below to see the unlock sequence from high to low: Harbor> Market> Observatory> Blacksmith Workshop> Barbershop> Parks> Flower Shop> Inn> Post Office> Bathhouse> Record Camp Window> Craft Shops> Libraries> Cafes> Farms.

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How to raise and invite Hamster

In the game, the ordinary hamsters are active and wandering in the village. Sometimes, they give you coins and hearts. On the other hand, a hamster has a costume that gives passive rewards to the entire village. For example – increase income from hearts and gold.

Normal Hamster: To invite a normal hamster in the game, you will need a certain amount of hearts. In the lower right corner, players can click on the option “hamster” to open the invitation screen.

Alternatively, you can click on the hamster’s main house on the village land to open the invitation menu. There, you can open up and invite the hamster right away. Also, the more hamsters you have, the more hearts you will get. Moreover, gamers can increase the heart rate by upgrading on the same invitation menu.

Hamster Costume: you need to hatch the eggs to get the hamster costume in the game. Near the deck, players can tap the egg to check the time remaining until you get a new costume. When they are hatched, you will see them in the outfit menu (home screen, tap on the outfit icon in the lower-left corner).\

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Upgrades for the Hamster to work

Every facility you unlocked, you will have an active Hamster. For example, a hamster of the farmer, a barista’s hamster in a coffee shop, a librarian’s hamsters in a library…

Besides, players can click the village option in the lower right corner. Here, you can upgrade hamsters with the heart. Gamers can also invite more hamsters to earn more hearts.

When you reach level 1 of the active hamsters, coins will be collected from that specific base – automatically. By default, you must collect coins automatically.

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The MOD feature

In this article, we would like to introduce to you the modified version of the game. It will give you more advanced features than the original version. Specifically:

· Gems: Players can use in the store to receive hearts and gold coins. You can do quests, get achievements, or watch ads to get free gems.

· Heart : taken from hamsters and used to upgrade

· Gold coins: Players can receive them from facilities in the village and used them for upgrades.

Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

New update:
[1.1.2] Update
▼Limited Edition Halloween 2020
-Meet Limited Edition Halloween hamsters and items.
-Pumpkin & Ghost Hamster: surprise other hamsters around it.
-Witches’ Broom: Hamsters can ride on the witches’ broom in healing mode.


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