Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) v1.0.7

Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) is an obstacle game based on the physics of the unique side-scrolling game series. It was first released on Windows and iOS in 2012. Since its launch, the game has attracted billions of players on these two operating systems. By the beginning of this decade, James Bonacci decided to bring Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) to the Android platform with many innovations to suit many players. Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) is a fascinating action game, where players have to overcome harsh challenges. During the game, the character will be injured such as broken legs, broken arms, broken cars when bumping into obstacles. Also, the game offers characters at each different level and the player’s task is to control them to overcome obstacles.

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The control mechanism

In the game, players will control ordinary vehicles such as bicycles, cars, motorcycles… overcome annoying obstacles. The control system on Windows includes 4 arrow keys, Space bar, Shift, Ctrl and Z characters. For Android, the control system will change with each map. For plain maps, the game will give you 2 keys, including the keys for moving forward and up. For maps with many obstacles, the game requires you to climb… then the game will give you control keys to move to the left, right, up, or down. If you are a new player, it’s hard to keep up the long journey since you are not used to constantly scrolling with these keys. However, after only a few games, your hand will certainly be more flexible, and it is difficult to stop you.

If you want to play on a larger screen, you can download the version for PC only. I will put the link below in this article. Besides, you can play on Android emulation software on PC such as BlueStack, NoxPlayer, MEmu… For PC, players only need to hold down the up and down arrow keys to climb, slide or back; use left and right arrow keys to lean; spacebar, Ctrl or Shift for specific actions; Z key to push. When you push something, you must hold tight items in your hand with the spacebar or press the arrow keys to switch to other poses, to adapt to the terrain and overcome obstacles.

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The gameplay

Players will start the game with a wheelchair with the task of crossing a lot of stairs and not to be knocked over. It sounds very simple but many gamers have given up right from the first step. Because, your head can completely hit any obstacle, causing the helmet to fall and you fall! Every time you are injured, blood will bleed and the special thing is, the worse you are injured, the greater the difficulty. It is very dangerous if you continue to overcome it.

The first character was an old man in a wheelchair; the second one is a merchant who drives a private vehicle; the third character is a guy with a bicycle, passing a passenger in the back and the last character is a big woman in a Scutter car. Also, the change in character will correspond to the challenge level and the player’s task is to control these characters to overcome obstacles without being injured. Any small wound on the body can cause the task to fail.

Happy Wheels APK MOD gameplay download

The graphics

Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) is designed on a modern 3D graphics platform. Although the game has been produced for a long time, the manufacturer brings a very different face from the design after each update. This game has a total of 15 screens with 15 different layouts, each of which comes with many new things.

Happy Wheels APK download

Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) has bright colors, characters, vehicles in the game that are designed extremely lovely. Also, the movement is quite smooth. In addition to trying to overcome obstacles, you can create more difficult manipulations such as acrobatics, jumping… Overall, this game is suitable for you to relax, relieve stress after working hours and study stress. In this article, we provide a link to download the game for Windows, IOS, and Happy Wheels APK (MOD Unlocked) versions for Android only

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