Helix Jump APK MOD (God Mode/No ads) v3.5.5

Helix Jump is a simple but interesting entertainment mobile game from the popular developer Voodoo. The game simulates a vertical spiral labyrinth, in which your task is to control a ball jumping over dangerous colourful traps. With strange and entertaining gameplay, game is extremely hot on the gaming community. It has been attracting a lot of young people to download and play. Currently, the game is available for free on both iOS and Android operating systems. If you are looking for a special game for relaxing, Helix Jump is a perfect choice.

Helix Jump apk mod


The unique gameplay with a colourful ball

Like other Voodoo games like Twisty Road!, Fire Up or Splashy, Helix Jump revolves around a ball. It looks like Voodoo really likes balls. I am very impressed with the creation of Voodoo publisher. With only a simple ball, they can create a lot of interesting games. Surely, Helix Jump is such a game. In which, gamers have to pass the challenges one by one to unlock new balls. Besides, there are many items in the game, which you can accumulate golds to buy. However, the ultimate goal of every gamer is to possess abundant colourful balls collection. Moreover, the colour of the balls will change every stage, creating great interest for the players.

Helix Jump apk mod skins

How to play Helix Jump MOD

In Helix Jump, all you have to do is controlling the ball falling from the top of the tower. The game has a lot of obstacles to block your way. The labyrinth of the game moves continuously. If you get stuck, you will lose.

You will complete the level when controlling the ball that falls to the destination. The higher the level is, the more difficult the game will be. When you play the game at a higher level, the labyrinth will move faster with more obstacles as well as more dangerous. This means you will control the ball harder. There is no other way to win than to use your skill and reflexes. Because the game is Endless style, you will play until you make a mistake and stop. Surely, the game gives you an unpleasant feeling in an interesting way, which will make you addicted much.

Helix Jump apk mod gameplay

The graphics

Helix Jump simulation virtual space is very beautiful and abstract. In which, the labyrinth design is simple but very unique. It does not overlap with any game or any labyrinth that you have seen before. Besides, the game’s graphics have been greatly improved compared to the previous games of Voodoo developer, giving the player the most enjoyable experience. Moreover, you will enjoy fun music during the game that is also a great way to relax after a hard-working day.

Helix Jump apk mod graphics

The instructions for installing and playing Helix Jump MOD on your computer

Helix Jump is an extremely attractive game on mobile devices, but thanks to vivid colours and pretty graphics. The experience on the computer will surely be great. In this post, modgameapk.net will guide you to install and play game on your computer. Here, we will use the NoxPlayer Android emulator on PC. If you do not know the settings, you can see in the article Nox APP Player for PC 6.2.11.

Step 1: Install the emulator for your computer. After installing the Nox emulator, please boot up and click on Google Play.

Step 2: Click on the search bar in Google Play to find Helix Jump.

Step 3: Type the keyword Helix and click on Helix Jump suggestions below. Then click “Install” to install Helix Jump.

Step 4: Click Accept to agree Helix Jump’s access to your system. After that, the application screen of NoxPlayer will display Helix Jump. Every time you play it, you just click on the icon to play Helix Jump on NoxPlayer.

So, you have finished installing Helix Jump on your computer. The control system will appear right on the screen. You just need to follow it.

Note: A common problem with Voodoo games is advertising. Because the game is completely free. It is quite normal for games to have a lot of publishers’ ads. If you feel uncomfortable, you can just disconnect the internet connection. The ads will never appear again.

Mod Info : God Mode/No ads


Helix Jump possesses is a great game with unique gameplay, beautiful graphics. Also, the simple control makes it very interesting and convenient for you to relax anywhere any time. With a free game that is attractive like this will help you entertain after stressful working hours. Wish you have a fun game with game. Do not forget to follow our page to update more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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